Witness to 2007 O'Hare airport UFO speaks out

By Ted Bonnitt on February 25th, 2013
Witness to 2007 O'Hare airport UFO speaks out
Chicago's O'Hare UFO Witness Sam Peterson. Credit: RSR
Chicago's O'Hare UFO Witness Sam Peterson. Credit: RSR

The UFO sighting over Chicago's busy O'Hare Airport on November 7, 2006, gained international attention, and despite that many pilots, ground workers and air traffic controllers reportedly saw the object in broad daylight, it is curious that no photographs can be found of the alleged object nearly six years later.

The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) issued a comprehensive report on the sighting.

A witness to the sighting recently spoke out, detailing how he was punished for not remaining quiet about what he and others saw that day over the air field.

Sam Peterson was working as a custodian at O'Hare at the time of the sighting and later spoke to several media outlets about what he saw.

Peterson is sure what he saw hovering over the airport was no conventional aircraft, and he shared details with Stan Hernandez of Ring Side Report.

RSR published a summation of Peterson's comments:

“I was the first to report the disc and, make no mistake, it was a disc. My father is a pilot and has a great interest aviation and would show me photos of experimental crafts and such as a child and this was like nothing that I had ever seen…well, with the exception of those alien/UFO programs that I watched as a child.

It was silver and enormous. It was just hovering over the planes that were grounded for minutes and immediately drew a crowd. I pointed it out to several other employees that were outside with me at the time. One other employee, (name removed), took several digital photos of it and he had a very good camera. I want to say that it was a Canon of some sort.

Long story short, the thing just hovered silently and then was gone and we didn’t see it go. It was here and then it was gone, but the hole in the clouds gave away its direction. It was that quick.

After the incident, we had a mandatory meeting and were told that we were not allowed to speak with anyone and that included family and friends! I was in shock. There was one guy there that didn’t say a word, but I could tell that he was running the meeting. The threat was that we would not only be out of a job but that we could face criminal prosecution if we were to report anything that we saw. I spoke to my dad and he said that I could either keep it under my hat if I could live with it or state what I saw for the betterment of society and the betterment of my soul. That’s why I spoke to the new station (removed) about it. The next thing that I know is that I’m out of a job. My boss was furious, screaming at the top of his lungs over the phone.

I tried to obtain the images from my friend, but his camera was seized by the goons that we met that day. I know that we had an alien ship, proof of alien visitation here in Chicago, and that for whatever reason, the government feels the need to keep a lid on it. In the end, I guess this was a positive thing for me. I began speaking with other eye witnesses and those that were the victims of alien abduction. I had the pleasure to speak with the late Buck Stabler in 2010 and his story is just terrible and sad. I also met one of the most influential people in my life, Russell Tetrault. He really helped me with some of the stuff I was dealing with and got me a job in the research field. Great guy.”

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