Wave of UFO sightings over Pennsylvania

By Ted Bonnitt on November 18th, 2012
Wave of UFO sightings over Pennsylvania
A witness driving near Shelocta, PA, photographed three lights in a triangle formation in the late afternoon of November 16, 2012.
A witness driving near Shelocta, PA, photographed three lights in a triangle formation in the late afternoon of November 16, 2012.

Friday was a busy night for UFO sightings, with 8 reports over an 11 hour period, spanning from Connecticut to Michigan, according to The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

The reported sightings began at 4:50 PM on November 16, 2012, and continued until 4:00 AM the next morning.

MUFON said the sightings may not be related, though the timing and witness descriptions of some of the reports suggest a pattern of multiple, low-flying objects.

4:50 PM, Shelocta, PA 

The first report came in Friday afternoon from southwestern Pennsylvania town of Shelocta.  The witness was driving west along Interstate 422 when he noticed a "glowing ball" moving in the same direction.  A few more miles down the road, the unnamed witness spotted a second "glowing ball."

The two balls converged and were joined by a third ball that appeared from an unknown direction.

The three objects locked into a triangle formation and appeared to hover in front of the witness for an estimated 6-10 minutes.  The witness then pulled his vehicle to the side of the road and took pictures of the objects (see photos).

The witness reported that while they hovered, a flame or light was emitting from the bottom of the objects, and the overall object resembled jellyfish.  The flame or light emitting from the bottom would disappear when the objects moved, and then reappear when the objects stopped and hovered.

The witness reported that several other drivers had pulled over to observe the UFOs. The objects faded away about ten minutes later, leaving no contrails or any other trace. When the witness resumed driving, he got a better look at where he thought the objects were hovering, over a power plant.  

Approximately 15 minutes later, the witness observed 4-6 military jet aircraft fly in from the west toward the area where he observed the objects.  

The witness claims to have military experience and was confident that the objects were not flares, drones, helicopters or "like anything I had ever seen."

5:30 PM  Southampton, PA

About 40 minutes later and 250 miles to the east, a woman reported seeing three objects on her way home near Southampton, PA.  

She was driving west on Street Road when she noticed, "three sets of five bright lights each in a close formation low to the ground flying to the south" as she approached the Trevose Fire Department.

The witness said "the lights were especially bright" which caught her attention.  When she drove into a clearing she got a good look at the UFOs. 

"At this point they were clearly in view - three craft with five equidistant bright, white 'landing' lights each. The tight triangular formation they flew in was quite impressive. The crafts approached rather slowly, again with no discernible sound over the traffic (I had again rolled down my windows to listen), and passed over Street Road just ahead of me, going northeast."

As the lights passed overhead, the witness got a better look at the objects.

"I looked up to see the silhouettes of the crafts against the then dark sky and believe I could make out a triangular body (not the typical airplane shape) to the front craft which appeared darker than the night sky behind it."  She was able to see the same details around the other lights, as she had to keep her attention on her driving.  At this point, the witness said occupants of several cars around her were craning their heads out their windows to get a look at the objects.

The witness thought the third craft was flying higher and behind than the other two UFOs.  She was able to see that the third craft had a blinking red light on the "nose" and just to the right of the object's center light.

5:55 PM, Old Saybrook, CT

About 20 minutes later and 650 miles to the east in Old Saybrook, CT, on the coast of the Long Island Sound, a witness driving at 5:55 PM noticed a "streaking light, moving extremely fast. So fast, that the object created a trail of light."   The witness added that "a single object rose into the sky where two other objects were seen."  The three objects flew into a triangular formation, and remained stationary.

7:03 PM  Mount Clemens, MI

In the Detroit area, Lisa Simon was standing on her front porch when she spotted the sudden appearance of a silent, "bright orange, tulip-shaped object" flying from the northwest. Simon said that stars and a crescent moon were visible in a clear sky.   

Ms. Simon lives close to both Detroit's Metro Airport and Selfridge Air National Guard Base, and claimed to be familiar with conventional aircraft.  She estimated the object's size to be 3-4 times larger than a commercial jetliner.  She reported to MUFON that the UFO "was moving at a slow to medium speed, then dropped down. I started to count, and came up with 15 seconds, but I was counting fast, so it was more likely 10 seconds, this particular occurrence. It made no sound at all."

Ms. Simon said it was the second time that she has seen the same unidentified object.

7:25 PM  Indianapolis, IN

About 300 miles southwest of Mt. Clemens, a witness had just returned home from the corner store when they noticed a "star like object blinking as it soared through the sky."

After observing the object for several minutes, the witness noticed "two more of the same looking, star-like objects chasing each other on the opposite side of the sky and their lights were also blinking simultaneously."

The witness called their son outside, who confirmed the strange lights. The witness unsuccessfully attempted to take a video of the objects.

9:00 PM  Rochester, NY

Over 500 miles to the northeast of Indianapolis, in Rochester, NY, two friends were sitting on a porch when they spotted "a large, burning object slowly descending from the sky roughly 40 feet out and 100 feet up from where we were standing."

They ran into the street for a better look.  Initially they thought it was burning debris "but after only a few seconds of watching both the variation in the intensity of flame and the suddenly upward and outward flight path, I soon realized that what I was witnessing had no reasonable, earthly explanation whatsoever."

The witnesses followed the object by walking down the street to the Lake Ontario beachfront, and spotted three or more of the same looking objects at a higher altitude to the north and east.

As they reached the beach, they saw "an immense structure slowly floating very high in the air."   The object appeared to the witnesses to be cloaked in a haze, preventing them from getting a detailed look at it.  It moved slowly, with a faint light pulsing every few seconds.

The larger object appeared to halt and hover at a high altitude over Irondequoit Bay, and the witnesses at times could see what they thought were a series of lights evenly spaced across the large structure.  Over the next hour, the witnesses said that they could see the "smaller orbs seemingly buzzing around" the large object.

The witness reported that they would be willing to "swear to seeing all of this unfold on a stack of bibles" and that it was "an amazing yet unnerving night that I am going to try not to think too deeply about because of the scary implications of the existence of these things.

12:00 AM  Alto, Michigan

Witnesses looked out their window and saw three stationary lights in a triangular formation, described as "bright and oddly colored for anything I've ever seen in the sky, like fireballs but not flickering or streaming across the sky like you'd normally see with a meteor (which we thought it was related to)."

The witness added, "They started to move slowly, in a pattern that suggested they were attached to a monstrous jet plane that was banking to land. This would not have been an unusual occurrence had it been of normal size and color and had some sound to it."

The witness said that they live near an airport and frequently have loud, low-flying jets overhead, but that this craft was silent.  The witness ran outside and still could not hear sound from the object.  They thought it might be a meteor, but ruled out that possibility because, "I have never seen a meteor act this way upon entering the atmosphere, hovering, turning and traveling horizontally."

4:00 AM  Reelsville, Indiana

A witness noticed three lights moving east.  The witness told MUFON that it was not commercial aircraft because there were no wings or "belly lights" and said they were moving in a "zig zag pattern." Two of the lights were flying "due west and the third, 5-10 degrees north of west."

The witness said the lights were steady and not blinking, and that conventional aircraft were in view at the same time for comparison.  The witness watched the lights for about 20 minutes as they moved erratically in the general area.  The witness went inside their home before the lights disappeared.

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