"Orb Flap in the OC" UFOs chased by aircraft over southern California

By Ted Bonnitt on March 1st, 2014
"Orb Flap in the OC"  UFOs chased by aircraft over southern California
The bright, white orb (left) flew ahead of a helicopter (right) over Orange County, California.
The bright, white orb (left) flew ahead of a helicopter (right) over Orange County, California.

Update: March 3, 2014--  A fifth witness report has been filed in the recent "OC Orb Flap" over Orange County, CA.

The latest report describes a similar combination of a low flying helicopter chasing a light orb at the same time over Anaheim, CA (read below).

The unnamed witness told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that he was driving along Santa Ana Canyon Road  in Anaheim Hills to pick up dinner at 6:24 PM when he noticed a "single light" being followed by a helicopter.

The helicopter was following the light closely. It was "maybe as little as 100 feet" apart, reported the witness.

"The helicopter was changing position in relationship to the object as if trying to view it from different angles."

"The light (orb) did not have any associated structure, only just the light," he added.

The witness is confident that there was no structure attached to the light, because he was able to clearly see the structure of the helicopter behind its lights, as the city lights illuminated the cloud cover behind the two craft.

The two craft flew at "a high speed" to the east until they were out of sight from the witness. 

A second witness in Anaheim reported a helicopter chasing a "brilliant..white orb" at the same time and also flying to the east.

March 1, 2014-- On at least four occasions in February, aircraft were reported to be chasing a fast moving, brightly lit "orb" over the skies of Orange County (OC), California. The latest witness account included a video of the event.

A witness in Anaheim Hills, California, reported observing "a large, bright white orb" being followed, or "escorted" by "some type of military helicopter" on February, 27, 2014. The unidentified witness took a video of the sighting and submitted it to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). MUFON has removed the video from it's pubic website.

The witness reported that he heard a helicopter flying from the east at about 7:30 PM. Looking up, he saw the white orb flying in a straight trajectory and followed by the helicopter. The witness only heard the sound of a single helicopter engine.

The two craft flew overhead and toward Disneyland, about 5 miles to the west.

The witness started recording video as the orb "slowly vanished from view." The video was removed from MUFON's public website.

Suddenly, the orb "instantly" jumped a good distance to a location to the right of the witness' viewpoint, and appeared to be glowing in a bank of clouds.

The helicopter flew out of sight.

Two similar sightings were reported in the area at about the same time in the evening a week before, on February 19. 

A couple was in their car at Dale and Orangewood in Anaheim, CA, at about 7:45 PM when they heard and saw a "very low flying helicopter" to the northeast. At first, it appeared to the witnesses to be chasing another helicopter. 

However, the craft in the lead did not have standard aircraft lighting. And when the craft hovered for a moment, the chase helicopter shined a spotlight on the lead craft, revealing it as a metallic sphere. The witness and her husband told MUFON that they "were in awe" by the sight.

As the helicopter's spotlight illuminated the mystery craft, the UFO "changed shape into a disc and sped off in an eastward direction, with the helicopter chasing after it."

The couple tried to keep up with the craft in their vehicle, but were outpaced by the aircraft.

At least a dozen witnesses pick up the action.

Three minutes later, "at least a dozen" witnesses about four miles to the east, in Anaheim Hills, picked up the action. One of the witnesses reported to MUFON that at 7:48 PM, as they walked out of a Ralph's Supermarket, they were startled by the sound of "two very loud military helicopters flying low, at great speed."

The two helicopters appeared to be chasing a "small, but super bright… star size ball of light." 

The witness described the object is brighter than "Venus or the brightest star in the sky."

In what the witness characterized as a "bone-chilling incident," the chase helicopters shined their spotlights on the mystery craft, which then vanished for 2-3 seconds and reappeared a significant distance away from the helicopters. The helicopters continued to chase the UFO at a fast rate of speed.

Another possible orb sighting off the nearby sea coast

Four days earlier, at around midnight on February 15, a witness sitting in their car at a nearby Orange County, CA, beach reported observing a low-flying "military jet" flying to the south about a half a mile offshore, with a "white orb or sphere" flying in front of the jet. 

The witness reported that it was a clear night, diminishing the chances that the light in front of the jet was a cloud reflection of the jet's forward lights, leaving the impression that the jet was chasing the light.

Two similar sightings just days before

Four days before the beach sighting, the sound of a very low flying and loud helicopter drew a man from his home in Anaheim, CA, on February 11, at 6:25 PM. When he got outside, he saw a low altitude, silent "orb-like shining star."

The two craft were so low that the witness could not see the helicopter at first, but when it did come into view, it was shining a spotlight at the orb, and was close enough to partially illuminate the witness' backyard.

The orb was flying eastward and was described by the witness as appearing bold, solid and brilliant. "It was like a star passing right in front of me."

The helicopter shined its searchlight on the orb, but according to the witness, it kept switching off, "Or so it seemed."

The witness watched as the orb flew away to the east until it was out of sight. The UFO exhibited storage behavior, the witness reported. 

"The orb suddenly disappeared for 2 to 4 seconds, then reappeared for another 20 seconds, then disappeared again."

About two hours before, a witness in Lone Jack, Missouri, reported seeing a low flying helicopter chasing a "thin, dark gray, disk object that had a white light modulating from it."

As the helicopter approached, the object "made an abrupt left turn heading northwest at an amazing speed towards Kansas City, Missouri."  The witness said that the helicopter was unable to keep pace with the UFO.

Original (unedited) witness reports reported to MUFON in chronological order:

February 11, 2014, 6:01 PM in Lone Jack, MO

Was watching the news when I overheard a loud helicopter thundering over my house, I got up and ran to my south window where I saw a black military attack helicopter hauling ass just over my house at or below 300 feet from my roof top. 

It was going east to west then immediately turned south towards a thin dark grey disk object that had a white light modulating from it. The disk appeared less than a mile away heading north when it was as if the helicopter spooked it and it simply made an abrupt left turn heading northwest at an amazing speed towards Kansas City, Missouri.  With the black military attack helicopter turning very hard "almost vertical" around heading northwest in pursuit of it. What ever the object was, it definitely had the ability to out run the military helicopter and disappeared from sight.

February 11, 2014. 6:24 PM in Anaheim Hills, CA

Left my home to pick up dinner. I proceeded north on Fairmont Dr then turned right on Santa Ana canyon rd. Where i noticed a single light traveling east being followed by a helicopter. The helicopter and it's structure were clearly visible against a backdrop of high clouds, and the helicopter displayed two sets of lights, one in the rear and one in the front with some solid lights and some flashing. The helicopter was following the light ahead at a fairly close distance, maybe as little as 100 feet. The helicopter was changing position in relationship to the object as if trying to view it from different angles. The light did not have any associated structure, only just the light. I would have been able to see any unlit structure since I could clearly see the entire helicopter against the backdrop of the cloud cover reflecting the city lights. They were flying at a high speed, moving from my position east through the canyon and into the corona area in the time it took me to drive a few blocks at 45 to 50 mph. They flew out of sight to the east.

February 11, 2014  6:25 PM in Anaheim, CA.

Tuesday evening 2/11/14. . I was in the house sitting down in front of my computer after just coming in from the backyard & settling down for the night. as I was looking up parts for my wifes 98 toyota tocoma I heard a helicopter, common for this area but the one thing that cought my attention & made it stand out/different from any other day/night was how loud it was & how low it sounded to the house. . it gave off a very deep rumble & was really really loud. i dropped what i was doing & ran outside to see what was going on & why it was flying so low. ( backyard faces west ) I ran outside trying to avoiding my dog from running over him i saw that the ground in the backyard was lit up pretty good. i say "lit up" because it was dark out & we have a patio cover so the sky is some what blocked, as i went out the sliding back door to my right i immediately saw an orb like, star shining object that was being chased by a helicopter. . .now the helicopter did have it's search light on so i'm guessing thats what the light was, so when i looked up i didn't even see the helicopter at first all i saw was a bright white orb then the helicopter thats how low the two were. i viewed the helicopter chasing the orb ( orb made no noise ) from the west going towards the east i started yelling ( my dog was barking ) for my wife family members ( mom,dad )& was at awww on just how low these two were in the sky & on how the orb was just so bold & solid & brillent. .it was like a star passing by right in front of me. the helicopter had it's blinking red & white lights on with the search light but when the helicopter shined the light on the orb it kept going out, or so it seemed. i viewed these two flying towards the east way off into the distance & keeped viewing for as long as i could when the orb suddenly disappeared for 2/4 sec's then reappeared for another 20 sec's then disappeared again.

February 15, 2014. 12:00 AM in Orange County, CA.

Sitting in car at the beach. Heard loud jet noise approaching. Got out of car to see. Loud mitary jet going sout to mout about 5oo ft high and 1/2 mile out from coast. Saw white orb or spere in front of jet. It seemed to be chasing the light. clear night, no fog as I thought the light might be a headlight from the jet?? Pretty sure jet was chasing light though.

February 19, 2014. 7:45 PM in Anaheim CA.

My husband was driving our car and I was sitting in the passenger seat near Dale and Orangewood at about 7:45pm. We heard and then saw a very low flying helicopter to the northeast of us. It looked as if it was chasing another helicopter at first but the other craft did not have the flashing red and white lights. The helicopter shined it's searchlight on the craft and it hovered for a moment. It appeared to be a metallic sphere. My husband and I were in awe by what we saw. With the searchlight still on the craft, we could see that it changed shape into a disc and sped off in an eastward direction, with the helicopter chasing after it. We tried to speed up to see where both the helicopter and the craft went, but they both sped off too fast.

February 19, 2014. 7:48 PM in Anaheim Hills, CA

After shopping at Ralphs in Anaheim Hills I was startled by two very loud military helicopters flying low at great speed.Once my eyes got focused on them I then noticed a star size ball of light. This light was small but super bright. Brighter than venus or the brightest star in the sky. It was in front of the choppers also moving quickly. The choppers shined lights onto it as they were trying to keep up. The orb then dissapeared for 2 to 3 seconds. It then reappeared having gained significant distance further separating itself from the helicopters that were obviously worried about this thing and were at max speed chasing it. At least a dozen other people witnessed the same event. I do not know what this thing was but I know what it wasnt. It wasnt a star, plane, chopper, the moon, a laser light, a planet, any natural light or natural phenomenon. This was a bone chilling experience that I will never forget. Feel free to contact me with any questions.Thank you

February 27, 2014. 7:30 PM in Anaheim Hills, CA

I heard a military helicopter coming from the East at about 7:30 p.m. February 27th 2014 in Anaheim Hills, California. A large bright white orb was being followed or escorted by some type of military helicopter. The path was mostly straight with only the sound of the one helicopter heard. Thet both went over head and continued west. The front white glowing orb slowly vanished from view as I caught it all on video. Then the object seemed to have jumped to the right hand side of the sky instantly; being seen glowing in the clouds that are due for rain. Helicopter continued until out of sight on its own. Video availbale!

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