Washington hearing on UFOs blows minds

By Ted Bonnitt on April 29th, 2013
Washington hearing on UFOs blows minds
Dr. Steven Greer testifies at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure as event organizer Steven Bassett listens.
Dr. Steven Greer testifies at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure as event organizer Steven Bassett listens.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure got off to a very interesting start today at Washington's National Press Club.

Former members of Congress heard compelling testimony from top UFO researchers, with some of them becoming visibly swayed by the evidence put before them.

Today's proceedings focused on a general history of the modern UFO era, dating back to the 1947 Roswell, NM, UFO crash case.

Author and UFO historian Richard Dolan detailed the seriousness of the UFO/ET issue, and how the subject is of great interest to the US government and military despite their official denials.

Dolan also explained how better understanding the UFO phenomenon could be a game changer for life on Earth in a very practical way, "Because objects hovering at will are using something other the petroleum."  The comment drew one of the biggest rounds applause from a friendly chamber of onlookers.

Activist and lawyer Daniel Sheehan spoke passionately about what he termed the biggest, most important issue of our time.  Sheehan's interest in UFOs was galvanized when, on behalf of the Congressional Research Service, he requested and was granted access to classified data from Project Blue Book, the official US Air Force investigation into UFOs conducted during the 1960s.  

The Congressional Research Service has since officially concluded that there are likely 2-10 highly intelligent ET civilizations in our galaxy.  Which is a small number when compared to the 50 billion star systems in the Milky Way alone.

Sheehan told a riveted hearing room that he was allowed to review photos of crashed UFOs with strange symbols engraved into the craft's exterior. He drew tracings of the symbols and showed them to the Jesuit Order's National Office of Social Ministries, where he served as General Counsel. 

Disclosure will come through religious, not political organizations

The Jesuits supervise the Vatican Library in Rome which holds a collection of secret UFO information. At the time, the Vatican turned down Sheehan's request, made on behalf of  then President-elect Carter to review the Catholic Church's files.

Sheehan said the Vatican has recently opened to the idea that ET intelligence is not inconsistent with Catholic theology, considering how many planets have been recently discovered that may hold life. And that may indicate the church's openness to the idea of disclosure.

Sheehan, a graduate if Harvard's Divinity School said that disclosure will likely come through religious organizations because it may be more palatable to the public if it is revealed "in the angelic realm and not through politics which suffers a lack of will." 

Sheehan added that Congress doesn't want to open investigation because, "Ultimately, it will undermine the confidence of the governed in their governors."

He believes that there is a process in place now "to feather information into the culture to prepare people for public disclosure of UFOs."

The United Nations ignored disclosure

Investigative Journalist Antonio Huneeus told the Committee that there are well documented UFO cases from around the world and that if UFOs were disclosed, it would likely "unite the world."

Huneeus testified about efforts at the United Nations to explore UFOs in the 1970s. The initiative came from Grenada's Prime Minister Eric Gairy in 1978, after he personally witnessed a UFO. UN Resolution 32/424 to establish a UN agency to investigate UFOs was proposed in 1978, but only three minor nations responded favorably. A follow up attempt was made soon after, with Gairy's efforts abruptly ended when he was overthrown by a marxist coup.

"We used to have cocktails and watch the UFOs, shouting, 'Here they come!'  Then, we called it swamp gas."

Some of the strongest testimony came from a former member of Project Blue Book, Col. Richard French, USAF, Ret. French, now in his 80's, flew 860 combat fighter missions and recalled how as a member of Project Blue Book, he was charged with maintaining government secrecy concerning UFO's and served as a major UFO debunker for the military brass. 

Meanwhile, he testified, he and his Blue Book colleagues were in Gulf Breeze, Florida, watching "three UFO sightings a week."  

"We used to have cocktails and watch the UFOs, shouting, 'Here they come!' Then, we called it swamp gas."

French dropped another bombshell today when he testified that the Vatican maintains a large observation post for UFOs in Tucson, AZ.

The Clinton White House pursued disclosure

Testimony continued in the afternoon about Lawrence S. Rockefeller's efforts to pressure the Clinton White House on UFO disclosure, threatening to take his demands public if they did not comply. 

The Clintons' took interest in the subject, with Hillary Clinton playing a key role through the Office of the First Lady. She drafted a letter on disclosure for her husband, President Clinton.  

Rockefeller's well funded pressure resulted in the US Air Force re-opening the Roswell investigation, which hastily concluded that the supposed UFO wreckage was actually from a secret balloon program used to monitor Russian nuke tests at the time. Those findings have been widely dismissed as a white wash.  

As the Clintons began to pursue UFO Disclosure they were suddenly inundated with several accusations of scandal that distracted the administration from many efforts, including disclosure.

The witness testimony was heard by a panel of former Congress members, who became more receptive to the testimony by the end of the first day. Members expressed surprise over the high quality of information laid out before them.  

At one point, former Congressman Mike Gravel, D-AR, asked Daniel Sheehan and Antonio Huneeus to draft a new resolution based on the Grenada Initiative for him to take to the UN to call for a new initiative to investigate UFOs.

Both the panel and witnesses were compensated for their participation in the hearings, which are intended as a public display to bring mainstream press and public awareness to the subject.

Weird science and friggin' magic

Dr. Steven Greer provided eloquent testimony about the ET phenomenon, explaining his take on "WSFM" or "weird science and friggin' magic" as it is known at the CIA. 

Greer explored the deeper consciousness associated with UFOs and aliens, formally known as extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs), and its potential for the human race.  

He asked the panel if allowing unseen forces within the covert national security state to control the UFO phenomenon is healthy. "Do we cede or management of EBE relationships to the military-industrial complex or to our higher angels, (enlightened politicians) to lead a more diplomatic effort?"

A human/alien meeting of the minds overcomes officer

Journalist Linda Mouton Howe testified about her investigations into animal mutilations and their relationship to UFOs. During her testimony about her involvement with the Rockefeller Initiative, she related a riveting story about how a military officer had an encounter EBE that was arranged by his superiors. Howe explained that the officer told her how he underestimated "what he was getting into."

The EBE was about four feet tall and stood a few feet in front of the officer when they met. When they made eye contact, a telepathic link occurred and the officer felt as though "seven movies were playing in his head all at once." The experience overcame him and he fainted into the arms of waiting officers.  

When he woke up three hours later, he felt his mind had been completely "uploaded" to the EBE, while at the same time information was "downloaded" to him. Howe said that he told her, "We'd all like to sit down with an EBE over a cup of coffee, but that's not how it happened."

Another unnamed high ranking officer told Howe in 1992 that encounters with EBEs are so strange, "That we never want to take it home to our spouses, children and friends.  Not because it is threatening, but because it is too confusing to understand or relate."

The organizer of the hearing, Steven Bassett, a self described activist for disclosure summed up the day when he testified that the "truth embargo" on UFOs must end for the good of our future on Earth, and that doing so will help mend our crippled environment and society's "cognitive dissidence" which has resulted from decades of withholding essential knowledge from the public.

"The greatest age of reform is just on the other side of disclosure," Bassett concluded. 

Tuesday's testimony will explore the famous Bentwaters case, also known as the Rendlesham Forest incident, which was an extended 1980 UFO landing encounter on a US military base.

The proceedings can be streamed live for $3.80 at Citizen Hearing on Disclosure website.

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