Was UFOs report an MoD whitewash

By Article Importer on November 16th, 2011

WITH due respect, I found your recent front page headline and feature in on UFOs rather amusing and irritating.

We were told that MoD bas at last published its secret UFO database, which contains information about 80 sightings in the SW area in the past eight years.

However, the article went on to state that this startling collection of all manner of strange things seen in our skies has never been properly investigated by
defence experts.

The article then referred to a top secret report into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Air Defence Region, which allegedly dealt with the MoD's attempts to establish if the UK airspace has been compromised by hostile and unauthorised activity. How amusing!

That MoD report was publicly released during May, 2006. With the assistance of ex-MoD author Nick Pope, I downloaded it fom the internet. Contrary to the impression being given, the report tunled out to be another MoD "whitewash".

Consider this typical extract from it:

"No attempt has been made here to apply the popular solutions which the public reach, following a set of UAP (UFO) behaviour". That seemed to exclude all the 'unauthorised activity' frequently reported by members of the public.

Furthermore, in the Preface, this statement was made: "Every effort has been made to take a Wide systems approach, to avoid over-focusing on single events".

It could be argued that single, significant, events deserved special attention, but, as they were not isolated from the general mass of lights-in-the-sky reports, they were simply lost during the processing of the database. .

The writer of the report seemed to be determined to explain all UAP (UFO) reports as being evidence of balls of electrified air (with no natural explanations) and as misidentifications of normal air traffic.

In contrast, my private professional study of reports of "Strange Aerial Craft" (SAC) began during an outbreak of activity in the Greater Manchester area throughout the summer and autumn of 1967. Within a year of analysing the reports, I concluded that NW Bogland had been surveyed by technologically-advanced aerial craft, which came from the skies and returned into them in breathtaking departures.

Those early discoveries led me to create a global database of similar reports. After years of processing that data collection I was able to identify a programmed astronautical exploration activity stemming from favoured areas of the sky. These discoveries formed the basis of a testable Astronautical Theory.

I am sure that the MoD and the intelligence services all over the world have drawn similar conclusions, though they may not have derived the same theory. The official aim seems to be one of "not scaring the natives".

T. Roy Dutton

For enlightenment my annual visit to Tremore Manor, Lanivet, coincided with your August 2 front-page headline, "West is official hot spot for UFOs".

Since 1947, I have been actively engaged in researching the UFO phenomena. This has resulted in a national and worldwide investigation linked with numerous interviews and encounters.

More recendy there have been reported media sightings over Jersey by pilots of commercial aircraft, accompanied by photographs. My office is based at Gloucester and UFO sightings have been reported during the recent floods over Stratford-on-Avon and other affected localities.

During my public lecture at Tremore Manor I gave a Biblical outline of the UFO saga, having arranged the first international convention of Ufologists way back in the 1950s at Woburn Abbey (Duke of Bedford).

An estimated 2,000 attended that convention, With worldwide speakers taking part. I have distributed cassettes and lately DVDs and CDs of my lectures, which many have found most inspiring and enlightening.

Free copies are available upon request. Please communicate with Ann Whitaker, Tremore Manor, Lanivet, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 SIT. All we ask is help with postage stamps.

The Rev Peter Scothern
Mansfield, Notts

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