A variety of UFO sightings reported during same week in Ohio, Tennessee and New York

By Ted Bonnitt on March 5th, 2014
A variety of UFO sightings reported during same week in Ohio, Tennessee and New York

A retired airline pilot, a father and daughter, a skywatcher and a group of three adults reported a variety of UFO sightings in roughly the same region during the last week of February, according to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

Eight to ten round, orange objects were seen flying over Collierville, Tennessee, near Memphis, by a retired airline pilot on the evening of February 22, 2014.

The unnamed witness told NUFORC that he spotted the objects moving in a "westerly to north easterly direction" under clear skies at 6:30PM. 

"They were all moving slowly in line and at the same altitude as each other," reported the witness. 

Looking through binoculars, the witness said, "the objects were all round and orange to slightly reddish tint. They all looked same color as the sun setting low in the evening. The objects appeared as flying In trail of each other. No sound or light was emitted."

The objects were observed for about 5 minutes before flying out of sight.

The professional aviator was sure that what he saw was out of the ordinary. 

"Being a retired airline pilot, these object were definitely not aircraft...no strobes, no noise."

Formation of unknown lights over Ohio

Four nights later, on February 26, a father and daughter were driving at 8 PM under a "beautiful sky filled with tons of bright stars" in Washington Court House, Ohio, when the father, riding in the passenger seat noticed " 3 large yellowish, bright lights…making a u-turn low and to the right." 

As the three lights flew in their direction, the man saw a fourth light "join" the other three.

The four lights "lined up perfectly" for about 10-15 seconds before silently vanishing. 

The witness saw no aircraft frame, only large lights, as compared to the stars and aircraft that were observable in the sky. The father commented that he has "no doubt or fear" about what he and his daughter saw that night.

Orange glowing object lights up woods and rises over windmills

The next night, in Attica, New York, three adult witnesses told NUFORC that they were driving home at 9:33 PM when they saw an orange glow in the sky above a nearby hill adjacent to a wind farm.

The three decided to take a detour to get a closer look at the strange light. As they approached, the reporting witness, who was driving, said that, "the woods were lit up like I've never seen before."

They pulled over to the side of the road to watch the light, when a "weird" object rose and silently hovered above the windmills. The object then rose higher and then suddenly, "was gone."

Dark, silent triangle UFO glides toward Chattanooga

On the same night, at 10:55 PM, on February 27, in Hixson, Tennessee, a suburb of Chattanooga, a witness let their dog out and noticed a silent, triangle shaped UFO "gliding across the night sky."

The witness had difficulty judging the size and distance of the craft because it had no lights, and guessed that it was flying relatively low because "it was about 1/8 to 1/5 the size of a full moon."

The UFO travelled "east south east toward the center of Chattanooga," said the witness, at a steady speed and direction during the approximate 12 seconds they observed it.

The witness added that they own a telescope and has always been interested in the sky. As they strained for a closer look at the UFO, they could not make out "any form of a plane or bird" and that it appeared "dark grey" in color and "definitely had a triangle shape."

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