"Unknown" triangle UFO photographed

By Ted Bonnitt on March 3rd, 2014
"Unknown" triangle UFO photographed
Photograph of triangle UFO over Greenville, South Carolina.
Photograph of triangle UFO over Greenville, South Carolina.

Triangle shaped flying objects are the most commonly reported UFOs. The large craft have been sighted for decades, with some ancient accounts, as well.

Witness descriptions of the objects remain the same over the years, which is curious to our frame of reference, in that they don't seem to get noticeable design updates over the years like man-made aircraft.

Despite frequent sighting reports, few photographs surface of the craft, chiefly because they are usually spotted at night and their grey-black appearance is difficult for cameras to capture in a dark sky.

A witness in Greenville, South Carolina, was driving on along highway 29 at around midnight on October 27, 2013, when he spotted a "triangle-like object floating in the air."

With no place to pull his vehicle over, he took photos of the UFO while driving.

The witness estimated that the craft was low to the ground, at an altitude of about 500 feet.

The three bright lights on the corners of the triangle are slightly blurred, likely because of motion blur either due to camera shake or the craft's movement, which would support many witness descriptions of such huge crafts flying "wide-end" first, or the opposite of point (nose) first, as do man made aircraft like the B-1 Stealth bomber.

The witness concluded that the object may have originated from an Air Force testing and repair facility in Greenville, called the Donaldson Center. However, the Air Force closed the base in 1962 and the city reopened it for general aviation in 1964.

An investigation of the sighting was conducted by South Carolina MUFON State Director Cheryl Ann Gilmore, who classified the object as "unknown." MUFON released no information to substantiate their findings.

The first, comprehensive book devoted to triangle UFO sightings and research, Triangular UFOs - An Estimate of the Situation, was recently written by researcher David Marler and published by Richard Dolan Press.

Close up of triangle craft.

Original (unedited) witness report:

riding down hwy 29 out of greenville,looked up out of winsheild of car and saw this triangle like object floating in the air.took picture while driving ,busy hwy with no place to pull over.there is a air force testing and repair in greenville called donaldson center.figure this is where it came from.

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