UFOGrid launches podcast

By Ted Bonnitt on July 3rd, 2013
UFOGrid launches podcast

To mark "World UFO Day," UFOGrid today launches the "UFOGrid News Podcast," now available for free on iTunes.

UFOGrid News Podcast is an interview and discussion program that offers fascinating conversations with the world's leading UFO investigators, researchers and authors, along with law enforcement officials and witnesses who have investigated and personally encountered UFOs and related high strangeness.

The first 12 episodes feature conversations with two authors of recent books on the subject, regarding two regions in the United States, New York and Montana which have experienced remarkable UFO sightings and encounters with UFO occupants.

The Hudson Valley region of New York is home to one of the most active UFO regions in the world. Thousands of witnesses have seen giant UFOs and families have reported abductions and missing time going back generations. Linda Zimmerman, author of "In the Night Sky-Hudson Valley UFO sightings from the 1930s to the Present" details the fascinating and sometimes disturbing accounts.

Witness drawing of large, triangle UFOs commonly spotted in New York's Hudson Valley. Credit: Coulter

Montana also has a rich history of UFO activity, including a 1950 amateur film of two UFOs that helped prompt the US Government to begin officially investigating the phenomenon.

Many former military personnel have stepped forward to publicly detail how UFOs have hovered over nuclear warhead ICBM launch sites in Montana, and have apparently disabled the rockets.

UFOGrid spoke with Joan Bird, author of "Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials," who discusses these remarkable stories and two unique cases of contact between humans and UFO occupants.

UFOGrid News Podcast is hosted by Ted Bonnitt, Managing Editor of UFOGrid.com.  More than 100 podcasts have been produced and will be posted to the iTunes site over the coming weeks.

Artist depiction of the Dworshak brothers UFO encounters in Montana.

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