Two UFO sightings in five minutes over Texas

By Ted Bonnitt on December 4th, 2014
Two UFO sightings in five minutes over Texas
The two sightings of objects with strange lights were spotted almost simultaneously and over 200 miles apart from each other. Credit: Google
The two sightings of objects with strange lights were spotted almost simultaneously and over 200 miles apart from each other. Credit: Google

Two UFO sightings 5 minutes apart in Texas were reported to have occurred on November 1, 2014.

A hunter out just before daybreak at 6:40 am on the first day of deer hunting season had an experience he’ll “never forget” according to a report filed with the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

The hunter, described by NUFORC as a “highly educated professional” was alert and in a tree stand looking through binoculars and straining to see his feeder in the darkness under clear, star lit skies when suddenly the area around him lit up brightly, “like someone turned on flood lights.”

The witness initially thought that someone was driving up in a vehicle with a spotlight and about to spoil his hunt, but there was no noise indicating a vehicle. Then, he realized by the way the shadows around him were falling that the light was coming from above him. 

He quickly looked up, “...and saw the 3 bright white lights moving west to east, and thought Wow! 3 shooting stars! EXCEPT that can't be either; they’re way too close and not moving fast,” the witness reported.

The three lights, flying in a triangular formation slowly drifted over the trees above him and banked a turn to the Southeast and away from the witness. As it passed overhead, the witness observed “a dim amber glowing ring of light surrounding the 3 bright white lights” for a few seconds. Though he never saw a profile of a solid aircraft, the witness stated that the configuration of lights "appeared to be aligned on the bottom of something round, maneuvering like an aircraft banking a turn less than 100 yards from me."

“And then it just disappeared; like someone turned off all the lights at once.”

The witness continued to look for the UFO, hoping to see its silhouette against the star lit sky, but it was gone.

The sighting lasted only 10-15 seconds. There was total silence as it flew by accept for the hunter’s barking dog in the distance.

The experience left a big impression on the witness. 

“Opening day of the 2014 deer season is one I'll never forget,” he stated.

A second “life changing experience” five minutes later.

Five minutes later and 200 miles to the Northeast, near Little River Academy, Texas, a correctional officer reportedly had a “life-changing” experience.

The witness was driving south on Texas Highway 95 between Holland and Sparks, Texas, at 6:45 am, and was looking at the sky for rain clouds. But the sky was clear and they were able to see an aircraft flying in the distance from the East.

Suddenly, “A combination of lights traveling in unison appeared” to the right of the witness' vehicle at an altitude the witness estimated to be of 15,000 feet “or less.”

The multi-colored lights appeared to the witness to be part of a structure or craft that had an odd appearance. 

The witness stated that the lights and craft, “had some sort of magnetic field that appeared to make half of it invisible to the eye or was blending with the sky and the rear part of it was visible and the lights were white bright, green, blue, celeste and other effects that I would say are not made by no known human technology.”

Though the object was only observed for a brief few seconds, the sight of a UFO shocked the witness, who claimed to be a skeptic of the UFO phenomenon. The experience seems to have left a positive impression on the witness, who found the lights to be “absolutely beautiful and something I have never seen in my life.”

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