Two Tennessee witnesses photograph UFO

By Ted Bonnitt on June 27th, 2012
Two Tennessee witnesses photograph UFO
Image of spinning light taken by witness.
Image of spinning light taken by witness.

They claim it was something they have "never seen before in their lives."

Two witnesses were driving in Braden, TN, toward Somerville at 9:10p on June 25, 2012, when they suddenly saw a very bright light in the sky just above the road, which made them first consider that it was a radio tower light.

The driver pulled over to the side of the road, near the intersection of highways 59 and 97 to take a closer look at the bright red, steady light.  It soon changed color from red to white and began to fade in and out.   The witnesses reported that the light was silent, ruling out speculation of it being a helicopter.

As they studied the light, the witnesses observed that it was spinning, and they became "a bit alarmed and curious" when they realized that it could not be a flare.

The two to pulled their vehicle into a parking lot, and grabbed a camera phone to take a picture of the UFO.  As they began to snap pictures, the light's movement changed direction, and headed away from them toward the southwest while rapidly accelerating to a higher altitude.  

The light eventually disappeared, "like the lights had just been shut off entirely," according to the witness report submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network.)

The witnesses submitted two images taken of the object as it rapidly accelerated away from them.  The distance, and low quality of cell phone camera compromised the images' quality.

Second image taken by witness as the light sped away.

The unidentified witnesses reported that their sighting lasted under five minutes, but came away describing what they saw as, "bigger than a star or an airplane, about the same size as the red lights on top of a radio tower when you are very close to them."

The two were moved by their encounter.  "It was a very exciting experience. Both the driver and I were not quite sure what to make of it and as soon as it vanished started talking at once in excitement."

They concluded, "Whatever it was, we both know we have NEVER seen anything like that before in our life. Ever."

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