Triangle UFOs continue to appear worldwide

By Ted Bonnitt on March 5th, 2019
Triangle UFOs continue to appear worldwide
A witness in Hesston, Kansas took a photo of a triangle UFO in January, 2018. Credit: MUFON
A witness in Hesston, Kansas took a photo of a triangle UFO in January, 2018. Credit: MUFON

One of the most commonly reported type of UFO is a black, triangle shape craft that measures about 300 feet across. They are usually seen with lights under each point of the triangle with a larger light in the center of the hull. Triangle shape flying objects have been seen around the world for decades with a rash of sightings reported in the 1990’s.

In the 1990’s, I interviewed law enforcement personnel who saw them while on duty from New York to Florida. 

Big Bertha over Alabama

They were seen so often over Sand Mountain, Alabama during a wave of 36 mysterious cattle mutilations in a three month period in 1993, that locals nicknamed the craft, “Big Bertha.”  Charles "Junior" Garmany, the police chief of Fyffe, Alabama, at the time told me that Big Bertha had flown low over his home, blocking out the entire sky while emitting a “low humming” sound. He and his son, who also saw Bertha described how the bottom surface of the craft resembled a giant “transistor chip.” While Big Bertha was a wild sight at an estimated width of 300 feet, Junior said that another often seen triangle UFO they called “Big Betty” was even more impressive, with each side estimated to measure a whopping 900 feet. 

There’s a steady stream of faked videos and photos of triangle craft posted online. Elements of the UFOs-are-a-government-conspiracy community propose that triangle craft are produced by a secret US military program called Aroura, using back engineered technology from captured UFOs. They’ve named the  craft TR-3B. The idea that these primarily nocturnal craft are manmade begs obvious questions like where do they park during daytime? How do they simply vanish or accelerate from sight in a flash?

Huge triangle UFO stops highway traffic in New York suburb

Large triangle shaped craft have been seen for decades and long before humans had the technology remotely feasible to build them. In the 1980’s hundreds of motorists driving on the Taconic Parkway in the northern suburbs of New York City pulled over to watch a giant triangle craft fly over the highway at tree top level. Around that time, a police officer took a photo of a huge rounded object over Interstate 84 near the Connecticut/New York border.

The phenomenon of triangle UFOs is the subject of David Marler’s 2013 book, Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation.  

Photograph of recent sighting in Kansas

Triangle UFO sightings continue to be reported. A witness in Hesston, Kansas took a photo of a UFO in January of 2018 and submitted a report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The sighting description was typical, large and silent and flew slowly at an altitude of only 500 feet. 

MUFON Kansas State Director Stan Seba investigated the Kansas sighting and classified it as an unknown craft. He wrote in his report, “Dark triangular object that reflected light, appeared solid, and had an outline. The surface was dark, with no structural features. The object had white lights with one red light in the center with dark surfaces. The exterior lights were unwavering. The elevation of the object was above 500 feet. Object flew in a straight-line path.”

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