Triangle UFO photographed over Ohio field

By Ted Bonnitt on April 25th, 2014
Triangle UFO photographed over Ohio field
A couple in Springfield, Ohio, photographed a triangle shaped UFO hovering low over a field on the night of April 23.
A couple in Springfield, Ohio, photographed a triangle shaped UFO hovering low over a field on the night of April 23.

Triangle shaped UFOs have been spotted and photographed in Ohio this week, according to witness reports filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

A couple in Springfield, OH, was driving along a country road on the evening of April 23, 2014, when they spotted what they first thought was a helicopter hovering over a field. As they approached, the witnesses realized that the object was a triangle shaped UFO.

The unidentified male witness, who was driving at the time, reported that he pulled their vehicle over to take a photograph of the object.

"It raised up and started floating westward above the trees. I got one photo before it took off," the witness reported.

The male witness decided to chase the UFO as it flew away, despite fear expressed by his girlfriend who was in the car.

"I turned around and started following the craft at about 75 to 85 mph and I couldn't keep up with it. It made a pulsating hum sound. But real quiet. My girlfriend was scared of it. I was excited. The object flew into the horizon."

MUFON has yet to release any more details of the reported sighting, including the time of the incident.

Three nights earlier, a similar looking UFO was reported about 70 miles to the southwest of Springfield, in Amberly, OH.

A pair of witnesses were driving down a dark road at about 2 AM with they saw a fast and low flying, quiet craft.

"We watched as it flew across the sky before us at a pretty low altitude, not far above the trees," described the witness. "It was a black triangle with many lights on it. It happened too quickly to count how many lights there were but I remember that there were solid white lights at each tip. Not actually on the very tip - they were still under the craft." 

The witness further described the many lights on the UFO.  

"There were also a few white lights both solid and blinking in the center with a blinking red light in the center as well. I can't remember too well but I don't think the red dot was in the center - it was off to one side. We only saw the underside of the ship as it flew over us."

The witness said that the UFO may have emitted a "low hum" as it flew right over them and then out of their view behind some tree tops.

The reporting witness said that the object flew by too fast to get a photograph of it and that the sighting "was a very exciting experience."

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