Triangle UFO with blinking lights reported near Minneapolis, Minnesota

By Ted Bonnitt on January 15th, 2016
Triangle UFO with blinking lights reported near Minneapolis, Minnesota
Witness rendering of UFO reported in Woodbury, MN, on January 3. Credit: NUFORC
Witness rendering of UFO reported in Woodbury, MN, on January 3. Credit: NUFORC

A large, triangle shaped craft with an array of blinking lights was reported flying at a low altitude in the dark skies near Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, on January 3, 2016.

The witness, described as a an adult male by the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), where the report was submitted, first noticed the strange sight outside the window of his Woodbury, MN, home at 11pm. NUFORC has withheld the witness’ name.

He first noticed “bright, ping pong sized ‘light bulbs’ blinking every second in alternating blue and pick colors. The lights appeared to confined to triangular shaped surface or plane.

It took a few seconds for the mysterious sight to sink in. The witness reported that the larger, colored lights were surrounded by a scattering of smaller, white lights which appeared a few moments later. 

As the witness grasped with the bizarre sight, he vaguely saw that the lights were attached to what he presumed to be, “the bottom/base of an aircraft.”

The flying object was large enough to block most of the sky view from the window he was looking out of. Because he could see individual lights on the craft, the witness assumed the object was close and low. It was also quiet and no engine noise was heard.

The UFO was observed by the witness for about 10 seconds before it flew out of sight. The witness claimed that he had never seen anything like it before, and that it took a few moments to even realize how strange the object had appeared to him.

Full witness report:

Witnessed a triangular flying object by looking out a window from home. At first I noticed very discrete, bright, ping-pong size alternating blue and pink "light bulbs" arranged into a large triangle sitting on the same plane, blinking every second. First I was looking at the intensity of the lights, the blinking frequency, the color and then the light position for about 5 seconds. I was then trying to see a "bigger picture" beyond just the lights. By relying on those blinking lights and a few sparse smaller white light bulbs scattered around that I believe were probably turned on at a later time, I vaguely saw (presumably) the bottom/base of an aircraft. The size was big enough to cover a significant portion of the sky view from my window, I assume the flying object was hovering pretty low and that's why I could see the individual light bulbs so clearly. It was quiet, no noise. It really took me a while (7 sec at least) to realize what ! I think I saw. After that moment, I've never seen anything even close (at night time, it's pretty dark outside) to what I encountered during that short moment of witnessing. It was a close encounter from naked eyes.

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