Three white orbs seen in Utah and Colorado a day apart

By Ted Bonnitt on November 3rd, 2014
Three white orbs seen in Utah and Colorado a day apart
White disc photographed over Colorado on October 3, 2014. Credit: Scott Stevens
White disc photographed over Colorado on October 3, 2014. Credit: Scott Stevens

Many eyewitness reports, photos and videos were taken of mysterious white light orbs over Colorado and Utah in October.

On October 2, 2014, three stationary white discs were seen and photographed in clear skies over Salt Lake City, UT. The following day, a video taken in Crestville, Colorado, showed clear, daytime images of three similar objects, some of which at times resembled the bottom of what could be weather balloons (see video below).

However, witnesses dispute the weather balloon hypothesis because the objects remained stationary for over an hour, which would defy a balloon’s drifting movement in wind. The objects were also seen darting across the sky, “in a flash of light.”

Witnesses reported seeing the objects over the four Colorado towns of Leadville, Saguache, Breckenridge and Colorado Springs. 

The sightings began on Thursday, October 2, in Utah. Three balls of white lights were reported by several people in Salt Lake City, Utah, and in Utah County, south of Salt Lake City. The stationary and silent objects were observed at around noon for about three hours. Many witness reports prompted local news outlets to contact the Air Force, National Weather Service and local airports, all of whom had no information to share about the objects.

The following day and also at noon in Breckenridge, CO,  three similar stationary objects were observed for three hours by many witnesses including law enforcement and news reporters, and was a virtual repeat of the sightings 24 hours earlier in Utah. In Colorado, the lights remained stationary in the sky for up to 15 minutes at a time minutes before rapidly accelerating across the sky with a flash of light.

Three orbs were photographed over Salt Lake City, UT, at noon on October 2, 2014. Credit: KSL Radio

Denver’s KUSA-TV 9 news Reporter Matt Renoux saw the strange white lights over Breckinridge, Colorado. Renoux firmly believes that the "shiny, white objects" were not weather balloons. Renoux’s eyewitness account led that evening's newscast. 

“The white objects looked like they were hovering right over Baldy Mountain," Renoux reported. "Some people who saw them said the white objects formed triangles and a line. But on our camera, it seemed the objects did not move at all. For as long as five to fifteen minutes without moving an inch on our view screen in the camera. And then you would see a flash of light and they would take off across the edge of the Baldy mountain ridge. So, it did not appear to be drones. It didn't appear to be weather balloons. Truly unidentified flying objects in the skies over Breckinridge.”

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in nearby Colorado Springs is investigating the reports, which remain unsolved.

Denver’s KUSA-TV 9 news Reporter Matt Renoux reports on his sighting.

Eyewitness video of orbs over Colorado.

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