Row of large lights fly ten feet over Alabama home

By Ted Bonnitt on June 14th, 2014
Row of large lights fly ten feet over Alabama home
A large array of strobing flying lights drifted 10-15 feet behind Johnny Johnson's trailer home (left background) on the evening of May 1, 2014. Credit: Google.
A large array of strobing flying lights drifted 10-15 feet behind Johnny Johnson's trailer home (left background) on the evening of May 1, 2014. Credit: Google.

The Sand Mountain region of northwest Alabama has a long history of high strangeness and according to recent eyewitness testimony, the bizarre activity continues.

The national press and public descended on the rural town of Fyffe in 1992 after multiple sightings of giant triangle UFOs and mysterious unmarked helicopters, along with dozens of bizarre cattle mutilations that occurred simultaneously.

The locals became so accustomed to the odd events that they sometimes questioned the national interest. Fyffe stages an annual UFO festival to commemorate the UFO flap of  the early 1990s.

Strange lights have reportedly been seen recently in the area.

UFOGrid conducted an exclusive interview with a long time resident who observed a huge array of bright lights flying under intelligent control and hover just ten feet above his home on May 1, 2014.

Johnny Johnson of Powell, Alabama, told UFOGrid that he was at home just after 9 PM when he heard a low humming sound from outside. Powell is adjacent to Fyffe.

Johnson assumed the humming sound was a flyover of a U.S. Air Force C-130 cargo plane, which is common in the area, with several military air bases in the area. However, the familiar sound of the plane’s prop wash never materialized and the “very low pitch hum” continued.

Curious, Johnson stepped outside and onto his front porch to see what the source of the “aggravating” sound in his very quiet, rural neighborhood.  He looked over the top of his trailer home and toward the rear of his property and saw a row of large airborne lights, each about a foot wide and three feet long. There were five of the identical lights aligned in a straight vertical row about 20 feet apart. Johnson said their behavior resembled strobe lights.

Johnson, in his late 50‘s, holds degrees in electronics and computer science and is a local businessman and school teacher. He is an 11 year army veteran who became skilled in nuclear, chemical and biological warfare while he was on active duty.

He described the lights as strobing on and off in a “sequence from top to bottom, at a rate of about two seconds between flashes.”

Johnson said it was too dark to see if the lights were attached to a craft, but that he was stunned by how close the “huge” light array was to his home, at only a distance of 10-15 feet away.

“It stunned me so much, not being able to see what the lights were attached to”, said Johnson.

He gained his bearings by comparing the size of the light formation to some nearby trees.

Johnson ran inside his home to alert his wife to the UFO. In the few moments it took for he and his wife to run out to the front porch, the lights had shifted from a vertical to a horizontal configuration.

When asked why he did not emerge from his home through the back door to get a better look at the UFO, Johnson suspected that the object was so close to the back of his home that he dared not getting right under it.

The now horizontal row of lights were strobing in a right to left sequence. As the lights began to drift away from his position, he was still unable to see a solid craft.

Johnson ran back inside his home to get binoculars for a closer look. By the time he stepped back outside, the lights had drifted “several hundred yards to the south” and over pastures near his neighbors’ homes.

He watched the lights as they approached Greens Chapel, about 7-8 miles away.

As the lights drifted away, Johnson told UFOGrid that he saw another set of similar lights fly toward the set that he was observing.  

The two sets of lights merged and formed a “V” shape, with five lights on each wing of the “V” and continued to flash in sequence.

“As soon as they merged, the lights moved a little upwards and then went out like someone flipped a switch,” said Johnson.

That was the last he saw the lights. The experience was so impressive that Johnson finds himself stepping outside his home every night at about the same time that he saw the lights in the hope that he will see them again.

It was not the first time Johnson saw something strange in the skies over his home.

One night in 1992, during the world famous UFO flap in Fyffe, Johnson was sitting outside with his father on the property next door to his present home when they both saw a large dark, triangle shape object fly directly overhead and block the stars. They were only two of many people in the area who saw the mysterious triangle craft.

During the flap of the late 1980s into the early 90's there were so many sightings of giant, triangle UFOs that residents and law enforcement officials nicknamed the low flying, 300 foot-wide craft, "Big Bertha."

Daytime photograph of hovering flying saucer above a field in Valley Head, AL, in 1989. 

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