Strange lights over Delaware racetrack

By Ted Bonnitt on June 1st, 2012
Strange lights over Delaware racetrack
Strange lights photographed over racetrack in Dover, Delaware.
Strange lights photographed over racetrack in Dover, Delaware.

Mysterious lights have been seen over the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino racetrack in Dover, Delaware, for three months, according to employees of the track.

The most recent sighting, on May 28, 2012, was reported to MUFON by a sole witness to the event.

The employee was on break when he saw "three bright lights hovering over top the sky boxes on the other side of the track."

The witness tried to take a picture of the lights with a cell phone, but the lights were gone by the time he pulled out his phone.

A few minutes later, the witness spotted 6 bright lights hovering over the track and was able to take photos of them (see photos).

The witness thought that the lights were part of one solid object, until the lights began to move rapidly in different directions.

Afraid, the witness tried to radio for help but his radio batteries were dead, and as soon as the witness snapped the two pictures, the lights vanished.

About a week earlier, on May 22, three co-workers at the racetrack were on break, sitting at a bench behind the track's casino hotel when one of them noticed a single light on at the track.  The co-workers realized that the light was not from the track, but more likely from an airplane.  However, the light was stationary. They started kidding about how the "aliens" were coming.

They noticed that all of their two-way radios were not working, nor were their phones.

One of the witnesses attempted to take a photo with his cell phone, but the image "came out fuzzy."  When he tried to take a video, only static was recorded.

They watched the "large spotlight" turn on and off for 3 to 5 minutes. The workers began to dispute whether the light was from a plane or a more mysterious source.

The witnesses began to share past experiences they've had with high strangeness. 

The following night, the witnesses were joined outside by another co-worker who told them that he had seen strange lights over the track for the past three months.

Original witness report for May 28, 2012, submitted to MUFON:

I was at work outside on my lunch break, when I saw 3 bright lights hovering over top the sky boxes on the other side of the track. I tried to get a pic but they were gone when I pulled my phone out, I waited still looking in the spot they were when 6 bright lights appeared, I was able to get a pic of them hovering, one as they started moving. I first thought it was one solid abject, they started moving very fast and in different directions. I was kinda scared I was outside by myself, I tried to call someone else out to look at the lights, my 2 way radio stopped working, the battery was completely drained. As quick as I could snap 2 pics they were gone. 

Original witness report for sighting on May 22, 2012:

I was at work (Dover Downs Hotel & Casino) On my lunch break along with 2 other coworkers, sitting on the bench out back of the hotel. One of my coworkers said why do they only have 1 light on, on the track, the other coworker and myself looked, I said thats not a light from the track, the other coworker said it just a plane, the coworker who first saw it said thats not a plane its not moving, I said it the aliens coming to get us like I was joking did not want them to think I was crazy. we sat an starred at this large bright white light in the sky, I pulled out my phone to try to get a pic of it it came out fuzzy I tried to get video of it it came out as static. I could not make a phone call, they checked their phones, theirs were not working as well, our two way radios were not working as well. we watched it from when it appeared to when it disappeared for what seamed like 3 to 5 mins. It was like a large spot light that just shut off and it was gone, we did not see it again. The coworker who first saw it said where did it go, the one who said it was just a plane said it went behind the clouds, It did not it was just gone. The coworker who said is was just a plane went into the building, myself and the other coworker sat outside and talked saying you dont think im crazy right it was there you did see it, it was not a plane, she then started telling me about other experiences she has had. I also told her about experiences I have had. The next night myself and the coworker were sitting outside on break again when another coworker from another department came out and over heard our conversation and started telling us he has been working there for 15 years and within the past 3 months he has seen strange lights outside over the track.

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