Slow and low UFO over Oregon

By Ted Bonnitt on September 19th, 2012
Slow and low UFO over Oregon
Location of UFO sighting near a Jack in the Box restaurant in Tigard, Oregon. Credit: Google.
Location of UFO sighting near a Jack in the Box restaurant in Tigard, Oregon. Credit: Google.

A witness in Tigard, Oregon, reported clearly seeing a UFO flying very slow and low, with possible occupants in the early morning hours of September 18, 2012.

According to a report submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) the unidentified witness was awakened at around 3:45 am by a food service truck at a nearby Jack in the Box restaurant. 

The witness got up for a smoke and looked out the window to see what kind of truck was causing the noise.  The witness observed the truck leaving, and noticed what at first appeared to be a low-flying aircraft almost directly overhead at an altitude of about 1000 feet and a quarter of a mile away. 

The craft flew silently in a north/northwest direction and was silent, with blinking red lights along the fuselage between to solid "rosy/red" colored lights on each end of the cylinder shaped craft.

The witness spotted what looked like a window in the center of the craft with possible occupants inside.  Blinking lights appeared inside the window, which the witness said could have been an illusion created by the movement of an occupant inside the craft.

The witness observed the craft fly at a speed of about 50 to 100 mph for about 90 seconds until it was obscured by nearby trees and buildings.

The witness claimed it was something that, "I absolutely can not identify as a normally viewed aircraft."

Original Witness Report. MUFON Case 42640:

I was awakened by a food service oil truck (recovering used fryer oil from nearby Jack In Box) and got up to have a smoke. 

As the truck was leaving I was looking to make sure of what kind of truck it was. I was a little upset because it was 3:45 AM and I had been sleeping well and wanted to know for sure what had caused the sound. 

As I was watching the truck move from West to East, lights from what I assumed to be an airplane caught my attention. The craft was moving North/Northwest and was within a quarter mile of me. It was almost directly overhead; perhaps 5 - 10 degrees to the East and almost 90 degrees above at first sight. 

I estimate the height of the craft to be below 1000 ft. There was absolutely no sound and it moved as if gliding. Steady lights (rosy/red) at the tips of the craft and random red lights blinking across the body of the craft between the two constant lights. 

It seemed that the center part of the craft may have been a window; possible occupants visible. 

Speed was reasonably slow, perhaps 50 - 100 MPH? I watched it for about a minute and a half until it was obscured by nearby trees/buildings.

As stated above, my first reaction was airplane. But, then I noticed that there was no tail section, that it was just a cylinder with lights on both ends and =perhaps= a window through the center with lights blinking (not flashing if the distinction makes sense?) and I may have seen the movement of an occupant. 

It just made me shake my head in a sort of disbelief as I realized I was seeing something that I absolutely can not identify as a normally viewed aircraft.

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