Silent triangle UFO reported over Los Angeles

By Ted Bonnitt on May 20th, 2013
Silent triangle UFO reported over Los Angeles
Los Angeles. Credit: bangertersheppard.com
Los Angeles. Credit: bangertersheppard.com

A triangle shaped craft with unconventional lights was reported flying over Los Angeles on the night of May 1, 2013.

The unnamed witness told the Mutual UFO Network, (MUFON) that they stepped onto their apartment's balcony after dinner for a look at the sky at about 10:15 PM. The sky was cloudy and a dark orange color from city lights, when they spotted the UFO fly directly above their position.

The "solid" object was darker then the surrounding sky, which clearly revealed the craft's "perfect triangle shape."

There were four "unusual yellow-orange lights" on the bottom of the craft, one at each corner of the triangle and another in the middle. All four lights were the same color and size, and "weren't very bright."

The witness reported that the object was silent, yet that it was close enough to have been heard if it was a convention aircraft. The witness saw a conventional aircraft farther away at the time and could hear it.

The object did not have any flashing lights or other conventional lights or markings. The craft flew a steady south west to north east course at a speed relative to aircraft on approach to nearby Los Angeles Airport.

The witness lost sight of object as it flew way, leading them to believe that the object had no lights on its side.

Original (unedited) witness report:

After having dinner I went outside to the balcony of my apartment to take a look at the sky. The sky was cloudy that night and the city lights reflected by the clouds gave them that dark orange color. As soon as I looked up I noticed an object with unusual yellow-orange lights on the bottom. As the object flew almost over my head I could see that it was solid and darker than the background sky what made possible to distinguish its perfect triangle shape. The lights it had weren't very bright and I cant say exactly how many it had because of the short duration of the observation and also because of my excitement at the moment. But I can say it had one light at each one of the corners of the triangle and one more in between them, so three lights on each side and it definitely had a central light. They all had the same size and color. 

The object emitted no sound, if it was a conventional airplane it would had been easily heard and recognized. There was an airplane flying farther and I could see and hear it. 

Also the triangle spacecraft had no flashing lights what is commonly seen on regular airplanes and helicopters. 

It flew at constant speed that was about the same speed as when airplanes are approaching Los Angeles airport to land, the path was a straight line from SW to NE approximately. 

I lost sight of the object as it flew away so I guess it had no lights on its sides. 

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