Rules of Engagement

By Ted Bonnitt on June 10th, 2018
Rules of Engagement
A guide to navigating the unknown.
A guide to navigating the unknown.

When studying UFOs, it can be useful for an investigator to follow some common sense rules, which also apply to everyday life. It helps keep a firm footing when venturing into grey areas of reality. Here is a list of "Rules of Engagement." 

1.  Seeing UFOs or believing in them is a personal experience meant for the participant. 

2.  No one speaks for the phenomenon.

3.  You may not assume you have the right to do the phenomenon’s public relations work.

4.  What you say about UFO’s has to be what you believe, whether you are correct or not.

5.  You have to take responsibility for what you say, or what you say will become true for you.  You must understand the responsibilities those beliefs place on you.

6.  You can’t change your opinion day to day for no reason.  Opinions should be based on knowledge, beliefs and values that guide us. You can’t flip them on and off like clothes.

7.  You may not exaggerate or make statements you don't know to be true.  You are not allowed to twist the truth to gain wealth or power.

8.  The only way to tell the difference between good and evil, is that evil always takes the first shot. Whatever the first exploiting force is doing, it is to take advantage or to gain an advantage. Even on minor issues this applies. For example, many people interpret something unknown as evil, and react either on a conscious or unconscious level. In effect, they’ve taken the first shot. If you call the unknown evil, you’ve indeed taken the first shot. You can’t call something big and ugly, evil.  

9.  If you project evil thoughts, you get them back. Looking at phenomena is like looking into a mirror. A lot of personal problems people are having with this is a brought on by themselves.  Many people will jump to conclusions about their experience.  If you see a tall, shrouded being at the foot of your bed, or a short, ugly one, and you jump to the conclusion that it is evil, then it will pick up on your projection that it is evil. Much damage is done to individuals when the media and medical community consider people who have these experiences as victims. That is to presume that these people have been attacked by an aggressor.  These professionals have made the judgment that the phenomenon is evil.  It is important that the individual who has an experience realize that they have control over what takes place with them.

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