Red lights spotted 2 hours apart near Seattle

By Ted Bonnitt on November 30th, 2012
Red lights spotted 2 hours apart near Seattle
Auburn, WA. Credit: Mrri
Auburn, WA. Credit: Mrri

There have been several recent reports of strange, red lights across the U.S. west. The latest reports come from Washington state.

Two separate groups of witnesses in the Seattle area reported very similar UFO sightings about two hours apart on the night of November 27, 2012. 

The first sighting was reported by a family in Auburn. WA. The reporting witness told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that his adult son called him outside to the backyard of this home to see "weird lights in the sky."

The witness rushed outside and together with his son and two grandchildren saw three red lights in a straight line, at a distance of about a quarter mile away, traveling just above the tree line. The craft appeared to be at least half the length of his neighbor's rooftop, as it flew behind the home.

The object appeared to flying smoothly and silently about 45 degrees off the horizon, according to the witness.

The witness reported that the red lights shimmered and pulsed along the side of the craft, though it was difficult to see from their vantage point. The witness said the lights did not look anything like standard aircraft aviation lights, which the witness claims to have seen "thousands of times" in the area.

The lights move into a huge, triangle shape

After observing the red lights for a couple of minutes, the witness said that that lights "took on a triangular shape that was huge." 

The object then appeared to pivot and slowly turn with the front edge lifting upward "as if it was a single large craft, or if it were several (crafts) flying in unison," the witness reported.

The lights flew to the southeast toward the Auburn Valley area. The witnesses tired to take video images of the lights with their camera phone but it was too dark.  Despite the lack of image, the witness said that cellphone recording indicated that between the excited shouts of the witnesses, there was noticeable silence which struck the witness as odd. 

"Any aircraft that we have seen would have shaken the house at such a low altitude and proximity," the witness reported.

The witness said that a UFO sighting about two hours later and five miles north of their location in Kent, Washington, matched their encounter.

Three read lights reappear to hours later and five miles to the north.

Another unnamed witness in nearby Kent, WA, reported to MUFON that her husband had stepped outside their home at 9:15 PM for a smoke and then rushed back inside, yelling to his family, "get outside NOW!"  

His wife and daughters stepped into their backyard as the husband pointed to a straight line of three, solid red lights in the eastern sky.

The family did not hear any aircraft sounds as they observed the lights for several minutes. The line of red lights started to move along the tree line, then turned to the east. As they turned, the witness said the lights "split in into a triangle and then back into a line." The witnesses lost sight of the lights as they moved over the horizon.  

The experience left the witnesses thinking that they observed three UFOs. Kent is about ten miles south of Seattle, and less than five miles from SeaTac Airport.

Original (unedited) witness reports:

Auburn, WA  6:50PM  11/27/12

Last night, on the 27th of November, 2012, my adult son called me outside to our backyard, telling me I had to see the. I hurried out, looking to the East/ slightly South with two grandchildren, aged 10 and 9. We all saw three red lights in a line at first. I would guess that the object was quarter of a mile at most away and very low to the treeline far past our neighbors rooftop. We have standard, rambler style homes, and this craft, at that distance, was at least half the length of their house. It appeared to be moving about 45 degrees off the horizon (Cant see the horizon due to trees in the area, so this is a guess) and coasted smooth and silent, no jerky movements. Also, there were shimmerings of red lights that would appear along the edge that faced me, though these were hard to see. The lights pulsed repeatedly, but they looked nothing like anti-collison lights on the aircaft we have seen thousands of times in our area. 

Within a minute or two, the lights took on a triangular shape that was huge. It seemed to pivot, and turn while slowly lifting the front edge as if it was a single large craft, or if it were several flying in unison, the back ones lifted up. At any rate, the entire group of lights slipped to the South East and apparently down into the Auburn Valley area. 

I attempted to record the sighting, but since it was dark, the video from my cellphone doesnt show much. In between the very excited yelling of myself and the elder grandchild, there is a noticable silence. Any aircraft that we have seen would have shaken the house at such a low altitude and proximity. 

There is also a report on the MUFON site that almost exactly mirrors ours, case # 44199 from Kent that happened two hous after ours and to the North and East of us. My son submitted his report last night after we saw it, and the MUFON site had not yet been contacted by the people in Kent that also saw it. It helps to know someone else witnessed this interesting sighting.

Kent, WA,  9:15PM 11/27/12

My husband had just stepped out to have a smoke, he came rushing in and said get out side NOW! My daughters and I, went in to our back yard and my husband pointed to the Eastern sky, in the sky where 3 Solid Red Lights. 

We didnt hear or see any airplanes in the sky, we observed the lights for several minutes, as we watched the Red lights which where in a straight line, we watch as they started to move along the tree line, they then turned still in line and made a right turn to the East, at that time they split in into a triangle and then back into a line. After this they started it seemed like disappearing and descending into the tree line. we really couldnt tell since we live in the valley floor. our thinking is it had to be 3 UFOs..

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