Photographer snaps black triangle UFO in Texas

By Ted Bonnitt on May 22nd, 2012
Photographer snaps black triangle UFO in Texas
Witness sketch of the UFO
Witness sketch of the UFO

A professional photographer reported a late night sighting of a black, triangle shaped UFO near Alvin, Texas on May 20, 2012, according to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

The witness was driving down County Road 539 at 1:25 am, when he noticed what first looked like a plane flying in the distance.

What caught his eye was "a strange, pulse of orange light coming from the object."

As the witness slowed down his vehicle to observe the object, he noticed a small red light at each point of the triangular shaped craft.

The object grow larger at it approached the witness.  The orange light brighten and dimmed every two seconds.

The UFO drifted silently at about 15-20 mph, approximately 200 feet above him.  The witness stopped his car, and could clearly see the black, triangle shape of the object as it flew just above the tree line, and over the nearby Alvin Golf Country Club.

The unidentified witness described the craft as thick looking, about 15 feet tall and the size of a car. The edges of the craft were rounded.  The witness was "shocked" by how silent the craft was.

The craft's pulsing orange light struck the witness as a beacon to prevent mid-air collisions with other aircraft.

MUFON has not disclosed the witness name or the photographs that he took of the object.

Original witness report:

I am a professional photographer with 7 years of experience. I have a wide scope of projects I have completed ranging from architecture, to events, fashion, landscape, commercial, art, etc..

I was leaving a wedding that I had photographed in Alvin, Texas on 5/20/2012. I observed what looked like a plane in the distance while driving south-west on County Road 539 at 1:25AM. I almost ignored the lights in the sky when I noticed that there was a strange pulse of orange light coming from the object. I slowed down and kept watching the craft.

There was a small red-light at each point of the triangular shaped craft (very similar to those on an aircraft).

The craft started to get larger and I could see it was coming closer. I started to believe that it was the top of a tower or antenna due to the low altitude and pulsing. (The orange light on the bottom of the craft would get bright for 2 seconds and dim. This would repeat every 2 seconds.)

I saw that it was passing to my left about 200 feet away just above the tree lines over the Alvin Golf Country Club. There was a break in the tree-line and I actually slowed and finally stopped the car when I saw clearly a black triangle shape passing by slowly. It was silently and steadily moving about 15-20mph heading north-east. I had my driver-side window down and watched as it flew past me and my car. I immediately grabbed my camera and made a U-Turn to follow it and attempt to snap some photographs.

I hurriedly and excitedly snapped 4 photographs before it disappeared into the distance on its north-east path around 1:30AM. I was doing this while driving so the photographs have motion blur. I have attached two of the photographs of the object where it can be seen as well as a rough-sketch from my perspective in the car.

Some interesting observations:
-The craft was BLACK- although the sky was dark, I could easily see a dark triangular shape against the dark sky.
-The craft was also relatively thick. I would say that it was about 15 feet tall at most and about as big as a large car. By my estimation, it would fit perfectly on a two-car driveway that many homes have.
-The edges were not sharp but rounded.
-I was shocked at how silent it was when it passed.
-The pulsing light gave me the impression that it was a kind of signal to let other flying planes or helicopters see that it was there to prevent a crash.

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