Party lanterns mistaken for flying saucers over Seaham

By Unknown, Sunderland ECHO on July 14th, 2007

Part pranksters were behind a mass of UFO slghtln over Sunderland and Seaham In July last year.

An MoD probe was launched attar more than 20 readers contacted the Echo after witnessing bright, orange coloured orbs floating over East Durham and parts of Sunderland.

But Seaham couple Paul McKInney, 28, and Emma Henfrey, 30, revealed the truth.

They had celebrated moving Into their new home by holding a party for friends and setting coloured lanterns into the air.

The systems analyst told the Echo: ''We never thought for a second that people would think that they were aliens. I wasn't going to say anything, but then my cousin saw something In the Echo about the MoD Investigating so I thought I'd better tell."

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