Over 40 Triangle UFO sightings reported in March

By Ted Bonnitt on March 29th, 2014
Over 40 Triangle UFO sightings reported in March
A college student and their mother watched a "HUGE" triangle shaped aircraft fly low and directly over their home in Jamestown, IN, at midnight on March 12, 2014. The witnesses submitted this illustration of the UFO to MUFON.
A college student and their mother watched a "HUGE" triangle shaped aircraft fly low and directly over their home in Jamestown, IN, at midnight on March 12, 2014. The witnesses submitted this illustration of the UFO to MUFON.

Triangle shaped UFOs are among the most commonly reported sightings of UFOs. This month has been no exception.

A review of witness reports submitted during March to two major public reporting agencies, The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) and the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) indicate that sightings of triangle shape UFOs are a daily occurrence.

Of the more than 40 sightings reported in March thus far, triangle UFOs were spotted in 19 states, Canada and the UK. The phenomenon was likely seen across the planet in similar concentrations, but these two reporting agencies primarily serve the Unites States, and less so in other english speaking nations.

When reviewing the reports, sighting patterns emerge.

Most of the sightings occurred at night, with only three daytime sightings reported.

The most sightings were reported in California (5) and Florida (4), which is likely due to the fact that these are highly populated states, with more numbers of people present to notice something out of the ordinary.

Nearly half (13) of the reported sightings were witnessed by more than one person, usually in the company of families and spouses, which increases the credibility of the sighting's authenticity. One report was submitted by a retired police officer.

In Turlock, CA, on March 24, at about 10PM, a witness was outside when she heard and felt a low rumbling sound. When she looked up, no stars were visible, with the night sky apparently blocked by a low flying craft overhead.  The massive, dark object was described to be as large as several "football fields."  Local police told the witness that they had received multiple calls about the UFO.

About half of the sightings reported that the Triangle UFO was flying low, sometimes just over rooftops and tree level, and the majority of reports stated that the object was moving silently and very slowly. In 2 reports helicopters were seen flying in the vicinity of the UFO.

All of the Triangle UFO sighting reports published by MUFON and NUFORC are listed below in their original, unedited form. The observations are as interesting as they are varied, with witness emotions running the gamut from frightened to awed. 

The overall takeaway is that UFOs are seen more often then most people may suspect, and that many credible sightings suggest an apparent abundance of intelligently controlled, non-human, high strangeness all around us.

Original (unedited) witness reports of Triangle UFOs in March, 2014, sorted by date:

3/27/14 04:30  Arnold, MD

Silent triangle spotted while leaving for work early in the morning.

3/26/14 20:45  Mount Pleasant, SC

TriangleSilent black triangle with orange lights about 500 feet up, eerily silent. Three bright orange lights in a line hovering no more than 500 feet in the air above a pond approximately 50 yards from my driveway.  My girlfriend and I ran towards the object to try and get a better look. We were able to clearly see the it was a black triangle with bright orange pointed lights on the ends.  The middle light appeared to suddenly shrink in size and then the object moved right over our heads at an incredibly slow speed. There was no sound whatsoever. It was eerily silent. My girlfriend took a video on her Iphone.  In the video, I am approximately 20 yards ahead of her yelling for her to film what was happening. She was able to film the object sitting perfectly still. She was holding her Iphone in landscape mode (horizontal) for the first 23 seconds. She began to run while filming the object for the remainder of the video holding her phone in portrait mode (vertical).  33 seconds into the video shows the middle light shrink and then ends.  Once the light shrank, it began to move over us.

3/25/14 21:10  Nine Mile Falls, WA 10 seconds

Triangle shaped object with 3 lights. Low flying, triangular object. Very loud. Took about 10 seconds to fly over 2 acres. 

3/24/14 14:20  Buford, GA   45 seconds

The craft appeared to ascend above the tree line and then began to fly away. No noise till it had passed. Rumble sound and vibration. 3 lights in diamond pattern. 1 flashing light in front of the other 3.

3/23/14 23:35  Lancaster, PA

Triangle Duration:30 minutes Large triangular object, 3 lights, moving south very slowly. I was outside cleaning a towel, I just cut my hair.  I look up to enjoy the view and notice a large triangular object hovering at aprox. 10000 ft.  The triangle pointed directly SOUTH, traveling very slow, no sound.  Lights of the vertexes were blinking/fading slightly. Front light was white, left-green, right-red.  VERY LARGE. Would be at least a quarter mile long.

2014-03-22  8:51PM  Elizabethtown, KY

went to let dog out he is puppy notice how clear the sky was walked over to my truck and pan up to sky and seen like the black of the sky start to move looking real hard could barely make it out had dim front light like a dim star leading edges.the triangle like shape had like a heat wave .like on a hot summer day u can see heat coming off the blacktop .this was real

March 21, 2014. 1:30 AM  Atascadero, CA

This happened near Santa Ysabel Ave. on the Central Coast in Atascadero, CA. So it flew heading North / North East over to my right side, flying over the roof tops and right over the top of the trees. It made a swish or swoosh sound like a hang glider, and it was very quiet, flying silently over the neighborhood. It was triangular with lights that seemed to blink slightly and some pulse. The size was about 10 + feet long and looked about 5 or more feet high. I'm reminded of a slightly greyish color , dark grey and lighter color almost white like a light grey on the bottom. The rest was black shades and it was hard to make out all of it in the dark. I knew when I saw it that it was a UFO, not say military or man-made. I had a strong, odd & weird feeling while watching it fly over. I have had prior UFO sitings and some after. So I take this stuff seriously. I have never observed a craft of that nature at night before, almost stealth like. Sounds corney maybe, but I knew it was, say "not from here", so to speak..

3/21/14 21:10  Parsippany, NJ  5 seconds

It is a very clear night here in New Jersey. I was walking in my complex when I started to look up at the stars since they were so visible. That's when I noticed an object moving across the sky very fast with NO SOUND.  It appeared to be almost invisible with a outline of a boomerang. On the bottom there were two dim orange lights almost like a flashlight when the battery dies.  And has it went by it just faded away while still moving very fast!

3/21/14 19:15 Kennesaw, GA  2 minutes

Dark Triangular Craft, 3 White Lights and One Red Light in Center, Flying Very Low and Fast (maybe 300 ft) - No Sound Of Any Kind  Looking at sky to use new telescope. Very cloudy night.  Extremely low flying triangular craft, tilted on its side flying very fast with 3 bright white lights on tips and one red light in center. No noise of any kind to be heard.  My son thinks he saw something drop/come off of it, but I cannot confirm this

3/20/14 21:28  Sevierville, TN  3 minutes

A Triangle object. I was outside smoking and heard what I thought was a low flying plane. I saw 2 orange lights on the side and a red light on the bottom. I went inside and told my partner to come look at this (hes in the air force so I thought he might know what type of plane it was). When it got closer, it was a perfect triangle with 3 orange lights and a red light on the bottom of it. It was moving very slow and then it flew behind a tree and we lost sight of it. We went into the yard to keep watching it, but it was already gone.

3/20/14 19:45  Harrisville, RI

Saw a triangle shaped object with lights that didn't move, then abruptly took off. I noticed three bright lights in a row, higher up than stadium lights (my first suspicion).  I was driving and pulled off onto a side street heading towards the object. I noticed other drivers doing the same.  The lights did not move but I could now see another light further back which indicated the triangle shape.  The object began to move slowly and then took off and I lost sight of it over the trees. I began to drive home again and noticed some fast, low flying planes heading in the same direction of the object.

3/19/14 21:50  Candler, NC 1.5-2 seconds  

Bright triangular object seen over major interstate highway near medium size city. I was driving home from work on I-40 west bound in light traffic. The weather was dry and warm. I was between the 39 and 38 mile marker, when I looked up and noticed a triangular shaped object which seemed to appear out of nowhere, and it darted off toward the direction of Asheville city. The object seemed to be solid looking and triangular in shape. It appeared to make no sound, tho it was hard to tell at highway speed.  It did appear to emit a very bright, gold colored light as it appeared and darted away.

3/19/14 21:45  Sanford, FL  2.5 minutes  

V shaped Three Bright Lights in triangular formation; flying and hovering low in the sky. Three witnesses.

Date: March 19, 2014. Location: Sanford Fl. While driving West on Rt. 46. Approximately 9:45 pm while driving, I saw a bright light flying towards us. It was low in the sky and the brightness and a flash caught our attention. I brought it to the attention of my grandsons. Curiously we were in awe and then it appeared as two bright headlights, it looked like a “flying car”. We laughed and likened it to a scene from Harry Potter; but then we realized what we were seeing was not normal. The lights were too bright and too low in the sky—just above the tree line and no sound was heard. As we drove closer, and we became diagonal we saw it was hovering and that it was a triangular object with three lights. Unable to stop because of traffic we proceeded in the absolute knowledge that this was a UFO an aircraft that we were unfamiliar with. No flashing red or green lights, no sound and way too close for comfort. Since there are three witnesses, I would like to add my grandson proposed that it may have been three objects flying in formation. Description of the backgrounds of the observers: Woman age 56; retired Counselor. Two grandsons age 14 & 16.

3/19/14 21:00  Ormond Beach, FL 15 minutes  

V-Shaped cloudy object with 6 lights. Saw lights in a v-shape formation move across the sky silently. Seemed almost cloudy around it. Could see through it, like it was a boomerang shape instead of a full triangle. V shape was narrow compared to the stealth bomber. Witnessed by two people. After losing sight and still looking at the stars for a while, I saw it, or a second, come back around. This time I counted 6 lights, 3 on each side.

3/19/14 07:40  Regina (Canada),SK   15 seconds  Mirrored triangular shaped object, March 19, 2014 Saw a shiny triangle shaped object in the sky - looked like a piece of mirror. There were no jetstreams. It was still for about 5 seconds and then started moving slowly at first and then moved very fast & I watched it decrease in size rapidly. It was in the southeast part of the sky.

3/19/14 02:00  Lakeland, FL  Duration: hours  

Shape shifting objects all over central Florida Sky. On March 19, 2014, at approx. 2am I starting filming what looked like regular stars to the normal eye, but seen through a lens, its much different. I have also taken several videos tonight and have seen these objects all over the sky!!

2014-03-18  8:20PM  Austintown, OH

I witnessed 2 black triangular objects in the sky near Interstate 680 at State Route 46 in Austintown, Ohio. 

While traveling east on I-76 crossing over the Meander Creek Reservoir Bridge I observed two orange lights in the sky at a distance. The two lights did not seem to be moving but rather stationary. As I came closer to the S.R. 46 overpass I noticed that the lights were slightly moving. After I crossed under the overpass, I looked up and to the left (north) and observed two black triangles to be seemingly gliding at about 200-330 feet off the ground. Upon further observation I also noticed the second triangle to be approximately 30-50 feet behind the first and slightly higher. Both black triangles were gliding without any noise; not typical for flying objects, especially this low to the ground. The objects were also making a slight left turn (north) passing over S.R. 46. 

I observed the objects to be a black triangle traveling with the flat end forward and the point to the rear. The front two corners each had an orange light, with no light on the rear tip. Both objects appeared to be the same in size, color, and flight. After turning around approximately a half mile down the road on I-680, I returned to the area of S.R. 46 at I-680 (approximately 1-2 minutes) and did not see the objects again. I remained in the area for another twenty minutes but did not see anything else. 

The temperature at time of observation was approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit, partly cloudy skies, but clear in the viewing area, no precipitation. Winds were approximately 4 mi/h blowing southeast. The area of observation was well light with building and streetlights, and contained heavy amounts of traffic. I am free of drugs, alcohol, and any mental or physical illnesses, 33 years old, a military veteran of 9 years, and police officer of 11 years. 

3/18/14 22:25 Brampton (Canada),ON  5 seconds  

Green triangular light, bigger and slower than a shooting star with bluish trail northwest over Brampton.

3/16/14 01:25  Sweetwater, TN  3 hours  

I was setting in my room when i heard a low bass like sound so like i would normally do i got up to see if it was a car but as i got closer to the door i was getting really warm by the time i got to the door i was sweating i opened the door the U.F.O was emitting a magnificently bright red light it was REALLY HOT it rose up into the sky and it stopped just before hitting the clouds and it stayed there then another triangle shaped U.F.O lowered from the clouds next to the first one they stayed like that for about 3 to 4 hours then just flew eastern at about 3000 maybe 3500 mph and once it left my neighbors and mom and dad walked outside with me and said they had watched it threw the windows and they were as scared just as much as i was  ((NUFORC Note: We are unable to certify that this is a serious-minded report. The source of the report has not responded to our attempts to contact her. P Davenport- UFORC)

2013-03-15  4:24AM Marietta, GA 

A very bright three light triangle shape moving very slow and then fast. I was in my bedroom writing my stories. I noticed a light outside my bedroom window. It was brighter than anything I had ever seen. I saw a bright light then another and then another. It was in the shape of a triangle. It descended from the night sky above the apartment building across from my bedroom window. It moved from left to right showing one light then all three. It was stationary for about 20-30 minutes moved back from left to right back to left went to the center above two trees and then shot up into the night sky with out any sound. Honestly I didn't know what to think of it I just kept saying to myself " what the hell is that?!" I kept watching it with my eyes through my window blinds.i was really scared I didn't know what to think of it at all. It shot upwards into the night sky before the sun came up a few minutes before.

2014-03-16  8:30PM Philadelphia, PA

When I came home from work I looked up into the sky and saw a dark triangular craft slowly flying over our house. It was a cloudy night and the craft was flying just under the clouds. It was moving too slow to be an airplane. I didn't hear much noise coming from the craft, the sound was more of a deep bass that I felt more than heard. The craft flew from south to north until i lost sight of it. By the time I got to taking a picture of the craft it was nearly out of sight, so the picture is not that great.

3/15/14 15:30  Hazlet, NJ  4 seconds  

It was a V-shaped craft moving at a speed west to east 3 to 4 times faster than any jet. Its V shape against the blue sky was clear. I was sitting in my back yard enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun when my pet dog sat on my lap and looked up into the sky. I looked in the direction she was staring and saw the cloud cover to be very sparse and light and moving slowly when an V shaped object which appeared to be at a very high altitude maybe 40-50 thousand feet and moving west to east at a speed 3–4 times faster than any jet I have ever seen.  The color of the object was pale but the V shape was clear as it moved across the sky.  The entire incident lasted only 3- 4 seconds before it left my view angle over my roof. I got up to try to observe it further but it had already vanished from the sky.I went inside my home to tell my wife what I had just witnessed.

3/14/14 21:30  Philipsburg, PA 40 minutes  

My wife noted a strange object hovering to the east of our residence. She called me to the window to see it. It was several hundred yards up moving very slowly south east. We also noticed that at least 15 to 20 aircraft at different time intervals all seeming to converge on the object. At one point, an aircraft flew very low and fast over our residence toward the object. We used binocular's to look at it. It seemed triangular with blue, red, green, and white lights. It moved very slowly. While we were watching, another object appeared very similar to the first, but more to the east.  Both had the same lights and moved very slowly southeast.

3/13/14 20:55  Perkasie, PA  5-10 minutes  

Viewed a triangular craft with only 2 steady white lights and 2 flashing red lights which flew low, slow and almost silent. We were driving home on back country roads. Saw a large craft flying very low and very slow.  We drove towards the craft and stopped in the road when it passed directly over us. I got out of the car and observed a large triangular craft with steady white lights on the bottom of the wings and a two flashing red lights one on the front of the triangle and one in the middle of the back of the triangle. There was no green or red running lights.  The craft could not have been more than 1000 feet above us. I heard nothing of it until it had passed over us.  At that point, it made what I would call a light wushing sound. It sounded more like the wush from a draft. I could not hear engines. It did not have the jagged back edge of a stealth bomber. It seemed to me that I could have driven my car at the speed at which it was moving. In order not to startle our daughter, we told her it was a plane and drove home. I regret not investigating further.

3/13/14 13:35  Jupiter, FL  5 minutes  

Craft spotted in broad day light, disappearing and reappearing three times moving in different directions each time before vanishing. It was a bright sunny, not a cloud in the sky, windy day in South Florida; and I was doing my daily jog by the beach in the afternoon.  While heading back jogging south along the beach I looked up into the sky and noticed a strange silver object reflecting sunlight. At first I figured it was a plane, but then the more I watched it the more intrigued I became and I had to stop and look closer. It wasn't on the normal flight path that all the other planes come in at towards the PBI Airport and it was flying particularly slow. The craft was also much higher in altitude than any of the planes and was heading directly west, then it suddenly vanished. Afterwards I kept walking and a minute later I looked back in that direction only to see the craft again almost in the same location but now was heading directly south and picking up speed then vanished again. I then started walking at slow pace while still staring where the craft disappeared and between a minute or two minutes later it appeared again suddenly, a little further south of where I originally saw it the first two times and was moving very slowly west again and then quickly vanished once more. Each time I saw the object it remained within sight for approximately five to ten seconds before vanishing. And was it was difficult trying to see the shape of it as the light was reflecting off of it so strongly and it was at such a high altitude in the sky, but from what I could see it would have been in a more triangular shape. Twenty minutes after the sighting I saw three other regular airline planes heading on the normal flight path to the PBI Airport within five to ten minutes of each other, this helped me solidify what I saw with the craft and helped me make a better comparison as to how high the craft was in comparison to the planes. I noticed however after all the descending planes going to the PBI Airport there was a fourth plane flying at a much higher altitude (not as high as the craft was) that was not descending but was flying west, and I wondered if it was following the craft or not.

2014-03-12  12:00AM  Jamestown, IN  (see illustration)

I was driving back to my mom's house after watching a show at my friends house that ended at 11:30pm. I was driving down 100 S. and I saw an object in the sky that was stationary like a star, but it twinkled more intense with a orangish/yellow/red/white pulsating look... I had seen this same 'star' a few months before and asked my sister and mom what it was... My mom said it looked like an airplane but then realized it had to be a planet since it was stationary yet bigger than a star. I didn't think much of it driving home but I decided to be daring. As I pulled into my mom's deive-way I stopped diagonally half way in her deiveway half way in the road facing my headlights directly toward the object in the sky and I flashed my brights twice... Right after the second time flashing my brights, the object disapeared and seemed to turn into a very small object (like a small plane) and slowly flew away... It canged from a planet like changing color orb to an aircraft 4 times smaller that had a faint blinking red light. I was scared so I went to call my mom but my phone died after the first ring... So I quickly ran into my house to wait for my mom to get home. 

My mom arrived at the house around 11:50 PM and I invited her to look out of the back french doors to see if the planet like object would show up again... The night sky was clear of clouds but it did have an occasional plane flying normal routes above. About 30 seconds after looking out of the back doors we both witnessed a HUGE triangle shaped aircraft that flew directly over our house. We watched in shock scrambling to try to get our phones/cameras to take a picture. I got an iphone video but you can't even see the moon better yet a flying object. The object was at least as big as a large commercial aircraft, maybe a lot bigger depending on how low it actually was flying. It was flying around half the speed of a commercial aircraft and it was flying extremely low compared to all of the other planes/ helicopters I've seen. I saw a perfect view of the undercarraige of the triangle craft. The craft color blended in with the dark black night sky. It had a red (non -flashing) light in the middle or front bottom of the craft... With white pulsating/flashing lights on the two back corners of the triangle. The white lights were flashing or pulsating slightly out of sync but they kept blinking in a steady pattern. And it seemed to have really really small pinpoint like white lights outlining the craft making it obvious that it was a triangle and not a cigar shape with two wings like an airplane. It flew directly from North to South and it dissapeared aroud 2-3 minutes later into the treeline. 

We were both kind of shocked and confused after the event. I felt pretty scared, but I did get a jolt of energy throughout the event. Then after the event I sat on my couch from 12:00 to 3:00 AM staring out of the doors to make sure I couldn't catch a video of it. (& I was too afraid to sleep) haha... If I wasn't with my mom I probably would have left her house to sleep at a friend's house. Let's just say I didn't sleep at all last night...& I can't wait to go back to college in the city of Muncie... Being out here in this corn reminds me of the movie signs.

3/11/14 20:25  Mauldin, SC  2 minutes  

3 reddish orange oval shaped craft gliding across the sky in formation right over my house as my husband and I went out to see why the dog was barking.

Witness illustration of Triangle UFO sighting in Leicester, UK, on March, 10, 2014.

2014-03-10  10:15PM   Leicester, UK   

Triangle shaped UFO with bright red flashing lights,flashing with a distinct pattern and with an extreme brightness unlike planes or other aircraft that use the nearby flight path. the object was first fying straight up from the horizon then with a sharp 90 degree change of flight direction it moved off over the roof tops where i was able to make a better note of the intensity of the flashing lights and of the pattern of flashes between the 3 lights... after about 3-6 minuets the object flew off into the distance.

3/10/14 23:15  Cary, NC 45 seconds  

Black Triangle over Cary, N.C. Accompanied by Three Black Helicopters  As I finished up moving furniture for some family, I heard the distinct roar of choppers (helicopters) in the distance. Being one to investigate late-night military craft (which I knew that they were); I sat outside on the steps, waiting for the choppers to pass. About four and a half minutes into waiting, they broke from behind the tree line, and flew by the house. They were blacked-out, say for the red lights on the noses of the aircraft. As I stood to go back inside, my attention was drawn to huge white lights coming from behind the trees on the opposite side of my field of view. I watched the lights emerge, and saw what I thought was a low-flying plane taking off from our local airport. The craft moved quite slowly, and had three very bright white lights forming a perfect triangle. The lights were very large to boot, almost touching one another. I was able to make out another smaller white light in the centre of the three, as well as a slowly bli! nking red light on the plane opposite of the craft’s direction of movement (i.e. a taillight). I was able to see a black body around the lights. The craft disappeared behind tree cover, and never attained significant elevation. Both the choppers and the unidentified craft headed in the same direction; east, towards downtown Cary. It was only later that I realised that both the choppers and the craft came from the west of us, nowhere near the airport, which is north and east by a long shot. The craft originated from the vicinity of Jordan Lake. The next day, my boss said that he too heard choppers near his house in Wake Forest, sometime around 23:15. He saw nothing, though.

3/10/14 20:00  Raymond, NH  5 minutes  

I was driving east on rt 101 and noticed 2 bright lights close together out my drivers side window in the distance as I approached exit 4. I watched it for about 3/4 of a mile of driving on rt 101 east past exit 4.  The lights appeared to be hovering in one location and as I drove I started to notice a third identical light forming a triangle with all three lights and I did not see any blinking red lights or any blinking lights at all like on a plane. I pulled over in the breakdown lane after seeing the shape of a triangle and got out of work van and the craft shot away extremely fast going southwest and disappeared extremely quick. I kept looking around for it and even got off exit 5 and turned back on rt 101 west and drove back to exit 3 to see if I could see it at all anywhere again and it was nowhere to be seen not even in the distance.  It was three bright white lights evenly spaced out to form a triangle and appeared to all be on one craft.

3/10/14 04:00  Ainsworth, IA  3 minutes  

TRIANGLE CRAFT SEEN AGAIN IN AINSWORTH! I was getting ready for work shortly before 4am when i felt as if the house was vibrating. I instinctively looked out the south window because that is area ive seen strange lights & objects in the sky before. I seen a single triangle shaped craft approximately 350yrds from my home slowly rising up from the field. The redish yellow lights were slowly flashing.  I asked my wife to come witness this & she made the comment of having a harsh metal taste in her mouth. My two dogs were acting very franrtic & scratching at the front door. As the craft lifted slowly into the sky the house was pulsating or vibrating. The craft lifted to approximately 500ft. the lights on the craft went dark & with a slight boom sound it was gone. I assume it went in the direction the craft was pointing in which was south. I have reported this activity twice before to this web site with no results. Should i lie & say i seen little green people running around in my yard so it sounds more believable ? Sorry if the truth is boring & i will not doctor it up to make it more appealing !

3/9/14 19:40  Rochester, MN  1 minute   

Huge, black, completely silent, slow gliding triangle. Cruised by close to the ground.Huge black triangle with large, white circular lights around the edges. It was completely silent and was slowly gliding by. This didn't seem right because the object was flying really low..about the height of a 5 story building. Had to turn my head right to left to see the entirety of the craft. I was in my car and made a turn to to follow it, only to see it hover down over a patch of trees where its lights began to dim then it completely vanished. ((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

3/8/14 23:55  Birmingham, UK  5 seconds  

Two elongated triangle shaped craft,no noise or lights, one behind the other, Birmingham, England. March 8 2014. I was looking up at the night sky looking at a group of stars called in laymans terms the Saucepan which is a group of 7 stars. The sky was clear with various thin,broken clouds when 2 triangular shaped objects appeared. They were traveling in a northerly direction one behind the other. Speed, height and size was hard to gauge as there was nothing in the sky to compare them to. My best guess as to the speed would be faster than a commercial aircraft at cruising altitude but not as fast as a shooting star.  I live underneath one of the North Atlantic approach routes into London Heathrow. The aircraft that I see overhead are usually at a flight level of around 26000 feet, these craft did not appear to be that high and appeared to slightly higher than the broken cloud base and you could still see them as they passed through the cloud.  If they were flying at around 5000 feet then I would estimate them to be the size of a Boeing 737 and traveling at a speed of around 500 m! ph. There was no sound evident and no vapour type trail. The shape of the craft was that of a slightly elongated triangle,rounded at the 3 points.  Neither of the craft had any lights and the best way that I can describe their colour would be a smokey grey/milky colour. They both continued in a northbound direction,the rear craft flying at around the distance of 1 crafts length behind and seemingly at the same height and disappeared in to thicker cloud. All of this observation lasted around 4-5 seconds. 

I have been an avid aircraft enthusiast/spotter for the last 45years and know what an aircraft looks like in flight whether it be private, commercial or military irrespective of how high they are flying. Where I live the aircraft on approach to London are at a height of around 26000 feet but can still be heard in the sky quite clearly,as do the other aircraft which pass overhead on their way to Europe at flght levels of around 33000-35000 feet. These 2 craft were not audible at all.

3/8/14  20:00  Moncure, NC  3 minutes  

Hovering, Very low, Then moving slowly, no sound. Triangular, 2 white lights, one red did not blink. Saw it hovering, tree top high. Then started moving slowly. It was triangular shaped with 2 white lights 1 red. It was silent as it passed over us still very low. It slowly went out of sight. Lights did not blink.

3/8/14  03:00  Everett/Snohomish,WA   4+ minutes  

Three lights were HOVERING closely or together over Everett/Snohomish flatlands in early AM, as seen from I-5. I was driving southbound I-5 off of Broadway Exit in Everett, WA, at approx 3:00 am on Saturday, 3/8/14, when I saw were 3 lights hovering over the flatlands of Snohomish.  These lights did not move, nor did they change color or shape. They were in a triangular setup, with one light and two others directly below. I am not sure if they were connected, or just very close together. They just hovered there, a hundred feet or so off the ground. I could see them the entire time I passed them on the freeway. There were other cars travelling on the road as well, hence the multiple witness question.

3/6/14 20:00  Albuquerque, NM  2 hours   

I've seen crafts that make me think that we are big alone.I live on the westside of Albuquerque at around eight o'clock pm I was walking home from downtown. I saw a bright light in the sky above me a little more towards the west. I stopped and started to stare at the object the more I looked the more detail I could make out. The object had a very bright light on the bottom and smaller less bright lights that came off the top to a point like a pyramid. After I got home I went out into the backyard to see it again that's when I noticed a second ship. This one was more towards the southeast over Kirtland air force base. I could tell they were high because I could see military and commercial aircraft fly under them. Then my dog started running crazy and barking at the sky. This scared me so I came inside and refused to go back out there. I personally believe these were mother ships.

3/5/14  21:24  Crouse, NC  2 minutes   

Triangle lights over Lincoln County area in NC. Unusual light shone through blinds looked outside to see clear triangular ufo floating over trees close to 1-mile away continued to float slowly in one direction then lost eye sight. Planes fly by all the time but never emit light through the blinds.

3/5/14  20:07  Lacy Springs, AL  15 minutes  

Large, triangular UFO seen outside Huntsville doing incredible maneuvers close to the ground. The triangular object hovered above a small mountain on Hwy 36 outside of Huntsville. I thought it was lights on a telephone tower until I passed the ridge. The object sat there, still, in mid-air 300 feet above the ridge. As I was looking up from my car, it darted to the west. It was grayish black, 1 1/2 times the size of a jet with red and white lights on each point. It was silent, flew close to the ground, and did maneuvers impossible for a jet, then disappeared down into the tree line. I followed as it oddly played cat and mouse, like it knew I was watching. It would disappear and then reappear in front of my car or to the side, only 200 feet or so off the ground. I had no fear, and I loved it actually. I worked in the aerospace industry, and I am familiar with airplanes. This was not a plane.

3/5/14  18:40  Hudson, NH   2 minutes  

Dark gray triangle with red lights on tips, moved slowly and no sound coming from it. One triangle shaped object flying low at a very slow speed and was very quiet, no engine noise heard.  Dark gray in color with red lights on each of the 3 tips. Upon approach higher in the sky and distance, it was a ball of white light and as it got closer, it appeared like very bright headlights. It passed over the road about 50 feet up and hovered over the trees for a few seconds and then slowly went to the west.

3/5/14  04:34 Modesto, CA   5 seconds  

I was up early on my computer doing email. No inside room lights were on just my monitor, so the room was dark. My monitor is 2 feet next to right of my window. My room is on the second level of my home. A bright blue light caught my eye at a 45 degree angle to my view of my monitor. I turned to observe the light and saw a triangle shaped light, very bright and very large moving from west to east. The trajectory was downward a few degrees and about 14 degrees off the horizon. It moved fast but not to fast not to make out the shape. I didn't observe any streaks like you see from a meteor. No blinking lights, just a very light blue bright object moving fast through the sky.

3/4/14 22:04  Turlock, CA   90 seconds  

Large triangular object spotted over Turlock, California. On March 4, 2014, at approximately 10:04 p.m., I had gone outside to get something out of my car in the driveway when I heard a strange loud rumbling noise. I then noticed that I could actually feel the rumbling in the ground that I was standing on. I looked skyward and was confused at first because the sky looked so black - no stars at all. I then realized that what I was looking at was a large unknown craft moving slowly in a southeast direction. It continued on in that direction until I could no longer see it behind the trees in the distance. I called our local police services to ask if anyone else had noticed anything strange and they reported that they were receiving multiple calls to report the same strange object. The object was triangular in shape with small faintly lit lights evenly spaced around each edge with brighter lights at each corner of the triangle.

3/4/14 22:00  Turlock, CA  5-10 minutes   Giant Black Triangle

Daughter in-law went to get something out of her car. Location near Monte Vista and Colorado in Turlock, CA. She heard a very strange rumbling noise coming from the sky and it made the ground vibrate right up through her shoes. She looked up and it was suppose to be partly cloudy night. No stars and no clouds. Pitch black. Then she notice tiny pin points of red lights and was scanning to one side and then saw a soft round ball of white light. It was then that she saw an edge around this soft ball of white light. She scanned for the edge till her head was turned the opposite direction and saw another soft round white light. The continuing her effort to fallow the edge she found a third corner and realize this huge black triangle was over her blocking the sky and moving slowly over her. Again it made a weird rumbling noise which vibrated up through the ground into her feet. It was picking up speed as it traveled South east over all the other homes around her. She froze afraid to move until it got passed her. Next she bolted inside and got her parents who came out and it was too late it was gone, but they called the police to report it and were told that they knew already because calls were coming in. Next day I called Turlock Police to see if there would be any info given on the news about the craft. The man I talked to did not know anything about the incident, but checked his computer and said yes there were reports and police went to investigate and found nothing. I asked how many reports and was told only two and I asked why and if that would keep it from being newsworthy and he said that more phone calls could have come in but they only log reports and those that are not repeat descriptions. So he said that there may have easily been more then 2 calls. I asked her if the object was bigger then a foot ball field and she replied oh yes. I asked bigger then three football fields and she said not sure but could be. I asked her how high up she thought it was and she said it was massive and too hard to say how high up in the sky it was. But it was so big that she had to pan her head all the way left and then all the way right to fallow one edge.

3/4/14 19:39  Tucson, AZ  5 minutes   

Tucson sighting from Catalina Foothills: 4 lights, triangle formation, moving low and silent in a northwest direction in the Tucson sky. Our Tucson apartment is on Sunrise Drive between Swan and Craycroft. Sunrise is a main road that runs east to west along the base of the Catalina Mountains and Swan (to the west of our apt) and Craycroft (to the east) are roads that run perpendicular north and south. Tues night (3/4/14) at 7:39pm, my son was sitting on our third-floor, south-facing apt balcony. From the balcony, which faces Sunrise, we have a panoramic view that includes city lights to the southwest, Davis-Montham/TIA lights to the south, and Tucson Mountains to west. At around 7:39, my son noticed what appeared to be a large triangle-shaped "craft" with 3 point lights (spaced evenly apart in a straight line) along the back and a single light at what would be the point of the triangle or front of "craft". This large, expansive-looking "craft" was moving slowly and silently at an angle over Swan heading northwest in the direction of I-10. He immediately called me as he was watching it and I happened to be driving north on Craycroft towards Sunrise with a friend following two cars back. All the way up Craycroft to the light at Sunrise (about 1 mile), I was unable to see anything and thought he was exaggerating. However, as I turned left to go west on Sunrise, there it was up ahead directly in front of me up in the sky. My view of it was of the back three lights only as it moved away from my direction, heading west over Sunrise. I did not see the front point light. A Pima County Sheriff's Supervisor SUV had been directly behind me at the Craycroft/Sunrise light and as soon he turned the corner behind me, he gave one blast of the siren, stomped on the gas, cutting around me and the car to the left, racing up Sunrise in that direction. I reached home in about three minutes and it had already disappeared from my view. My friend, who had been behind the Sheriif, had seen it as well as soon as we turned on Sunrise. My son, however, said he watched all four lights seemingly disappear and ran to the other side of the building but it was not visible after that from any direction. Nothing on the news or anywhere today about this. 

3/3/14 21:00  Augusta, GA  15 seconds   

I saw three bright white lights hovering in the same spot in a triangle formation. I was in the passenger set of my car as we were driving north bound down Boy Scout Rd. To the left of my car I saw three bright white lights in a triangular formation. At first I thought it was an airplane, but there was little to no motion. The lights just hovered in place, keeping a triangular formation. We kept driving but I could see the lights still in the same spot behind us. Unfortunately, we drove far enough that I could not get another look at the lights. ((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

2014-03-02  10:28PM   Cambridge, ON, CA

I was sitting down watching TV. My son yen noticed 3 bright lights flying towards us. We went outside to see, and it was extremely low. It then turned sharply and you could see the triangular shape of it. It then flew away

3/2/14 02:00  Elizabeth, IN  10 minutes    

5 aircraft flying low at slow speed appear to be flying in line, white and red lights, witnessed by two people. I live in Southern Indiana, at around 2:00 AM eastern time 3/2/14, I was out putting wood in my outdoor furnace when I noticed 3 bright white lights over the top of my neighbor’s garage, they were side by side and seemed to be just staying there. They appeared to be very low in the sky. I went inside and got my spot light and asked my wife to come outside and look. When I went back outside I walked towards my neighbors to get a better look. I could tell they were advancing from the west to the east very slowly and more in line than side by side. The first aircraft came over, slow for an airplane and I could hear it sounded like an airplane but not real loud, I was able to illuminate it enough with my spot light to tell it was triangular in shape, it had a white light in the front or tip of the triangle and more red and white lights down the sides didn’t count them or notice the order. I watched as the next one approached it seemed to be following in the same flight pattern as the first, the third was the same as the other two. I noticed two more lights in the distance approaching as the others did. The flew over in the same pattern as the previous three. They may have been aircraft in a holding pattern for the airport in Louisville Ky., but they were very low, very slow and not very loud. My wife saw the same thing I did and thought they were strange as well.

3/1/14 19:40  Tampa, FL  5 minutes  

String of Blinking red light aircraft. My wife called me in a panick and said come out quickly and look up. I came at on this clear night and saw a string of red blinking lights on aircraft that were high up in the sky moving fast from north to south. It was approximately 8-10 aircraft. They were going northeast to Southwest. After a awhile, we weren't able to see them any longer. The whole event lasted for about 3-4 minutes.

An interesting case from 1973, and recently reported to MUFON:

1973-09-17 12:00AM  Calico Ghost Town, Mohave Desert, CA

We had gone camping at Calico Ghost Town,for Calico days in the Mohave desert, CA, I believe it was Sept. 1973. ( I am sure about the year, just not the month) that night [Item Moved/CMS/nd] and my self slept out side, we were making out with the girls when M-[Item Moved/CMS/nd] stood up and asked "what's that ?" the time was approx. 2 am, I rolled over and saw what I thought was the moon shining through a weather balloon and told m-[Item Moved/CMS/nd] "It's just a weather balloon." and rolled over back to S-[Item Moved/CMS/nd] when M-[Item Moved/CMS/nd] said, "That isn't a balloon." when I rolled over onto my back I could now see a large triangular craft approx. 300 ft. across, and approx. 300 ft. off the ground slowly moving over the top of us. What I thought was the moon shining through a balloon now looked more like an observation bubble under the nose of the craft, and it was glowing a dull light purple in color. As it moved over it made no sound, and I saw no lights, but as it cleared the moon you could see the light reflect off the craft and it gave it the color of gun metal blue, and the edges appeared to be rounded. It continued its slow moving progress away from us following the hills of the desert, and flying just above hill top level. M-[Item Moved/CMS/nd] and I then got up and started putting on our shoes while the girls begged us not to follow fearing something was going to happen to us. So we followed running up hills, then down one and up another, but the craft got further away each time so we stopped and just watched. I saw no sign of an engine, and we heard no sounds. Had it not been for the fact it flew right over the top of us we would never even had known it was there. My feeling was that the craft was running in stealth mode, no lights and at very low levels to avoid detection. What struck me so odd, was back then it was supposed to be fast moving shinny disk shaped objects, like in "Chariots of the Gods" I did not see anything like what we saw until I watched a program on TV describing the same thing I saw, except ours did not have any of the lights mentioned.

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