Nothing mysterious about Oregon metal boxes

By Ted Bonnitt on February 20th, 2012
Nothing mysterious about Oregon metal boxes
UFO droppings or pier floats.
UFO droppings or pier floats.

The "strange metal boxes" story out of Oregon, won't go away.

The sole source for this highly questionable story, Dave Masko, continues to post increasingly incoherent reports about mysterious metal boxes that have washed ashore in a remote area of the Oregon coast, an area with a history of UFO sightings.

As UFOGRID has reported, Masko is using unattributed sources for his articles, and has offered no compelling evidence to back up his claims.

The only attributed source quoted in Masko's articles that UFOGRID could track down is William Hanshumaker, a Public Marine Education Specialist at the Oregon Sea Grant Faculty.

Though Dr. Hanshumaker offered no confirmation of the mysterious boxes' origins, Masko continues to reference him in his articles.

Dr. Hanshumaker told UFOGRID today that there is nothing mysterious about the metal boxes.

Hanshumaker told UFOGRID, "The 'boxes on the beach' are merely floats that were originally built to support docks. After a recent flooding event, some docks were destroyed and their floats drifted downriver and subsequently deposited on the beach. A colleague from a local state agency had the opportunity to examine one and confirmed this explanation."

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