New Rendlesham UFO witness steps forward

By Ted Bonnitt on October 4th, 2017
New Rendlesham UFO witness steps forward
Witness sketch of triangle shaped UFO observed by many US military witnesses in December, 1980.
Witness sketch of triangle shaped UFO observed by many US military witnesses in December, 1980.

Another retired military police officer has stepped forward to declare he was a witness to the famous 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO encounter in the United Kingdom. 

The Rendlesham incident is considered the UK’s most famous UFO case, with many military personnel from two nearby  NATO air force bases, including a deputy base commander having witnessed strange lights and a small, triangle shaped UFO in the forest over a span of three nights between December 26-28, 1980.

On the first night of the sightings, Security Police Supervisor, Sergeant James Penniston and Patrolman Sergeant John Burroughs saw the falling light and rushed to investigate what they thought was a downed aircraft. Penniston walked up to the craft and touched it, later calling it "probably the worst thing I ever did."  He has suffered serious health issues ever since. Two nights later, Deputy Base Commander Lt. Col. Charles Halt saw the UFO, and made an audio recording of his encounter. 

The full story of the encounter was revealed by Penniston and Burroughs during the 2013 Citizen Disclosure Hearings in Washington, DC. Neither US Air Force or the British government has officially acknowledged the incident, which makes another military witness speaking out all the more important.

Retired US Air Force police officer Steve Longero broke his 36 year silence on his experience and shared his story with UFO Investigator, Philip Mantle. 

Steve Longero  Credit: Philip Mantle

Like the other military witnesses, Longero was told by his superiors to not discuss what he saw that night, and waited decades to go on the record, stating, “I think it was something not from this world.”

According to the UK Sun, Longero told Mantle how the incident began for him. 

“While on duty that night, we had a very sophisticated alarm system and everything just went off.

“And then I could see these lights over the treetops, and I was thinking, what’s going on? Then they started sending people out there and at first it was hard to believe, all these bright lights. It was hard to take in.”

“I remember going out there.”

When Longero reached the forest where the lights were hovering, he saw a group of military personnel gathered, including Staff Sgt. Jim Burroughs and Halt.

Longero described what he saw as he got closer.

“It was real kind of quiet and this thing hovering over the trees, and you were like kind of tracking it and like ‘what is this?’ They looked like fluorescent colored lights, like red and green, glowing lights….like something was really hot.  I could see them hovering over the treetops like an eye that was almost following everybody. It seemed like something watching us.”

Longero dismissed theories that the lights originated from a nearby lighthouse. 

“I don’t think so. Not unless the lighthouse could move. Unless they could float that thing in the air.”

Longero continued, “As people were getting close to this thing it kind of came nearer to us and then it would go forward and then go back and all of a sudden it just disappeared, like something out of Star Trek, it was like warp speed and we were all ‘what was that?’ It was gone and then that’s when they started doing all their investigations. After we secured the area they said okay, you’re gone, get out of here.”

"I remember we had a little briefing right there and everybody was just like, we just could not believe what we were seeing,” said Longero. “Your adrenalin was flowing and I remember people saying like ‘what is that?’.

Longero said he was forbidden by his commanders to speak to anyone about what he saw, in part because the Air Base housed a large arsenal of nuclear weapons during what was then the height of the cold war between the US and the Soviet Union.

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