Michigan family watches lights in sky chased by jets

By Ted Bonnitt on August 7th, 2012
Michigan family watches lights in sky chased by jets
The witnesses provided illustrations of their encounter. See slide show below
The witnesses provided illustrations of their encounter. See slide show below

A family in Clarkston, Michigan, reports that they observed a formation of five bright lights for about a half hour before the lights faded or flew away in opposite directions on the evening of August 6, 2012.

The unidentified couple and their daughter watched the lights, which first appeared stationary and like an unusually bright star cluster.

According to the witnesses, three of the lights began to move, and their formation changed into a tight triangle shape and held position.

Soon after, five interceptor jets arrived from different directions and flew a grid pattern around the lights for about 20 minutes until one of the stationary lights shot southward at a high rate of speed, and the other faded away.  The remaining three lights in the triangle formation then scattered, vanishing in different directions.

The jet aircraft then flew away.

The witnesses reported their sighting to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and answered the following questions.  They also submitted several illustrations of what they saw (see slideshow).

Q1: Where were you and what were you doing at the time?
A1: I was at home working in my driveway on my Jeep.

Q2: What made you first notice the object?
A2: Looked up and noticed five bright lights each about the magnitude of an average star. The lights were positioned about 45 degrees from the ground in the eastern sky. The formation was very tight. I thought it was an odd star cluster that I never noticed before.

Within 10 minutes of noticing the five lights, three of them moved slightly towards the north forming a tight triangle. The triangle was not the Summer Triangle, which is visible this time of year. The three lights held the triangle formation and moved upwards and settled about 60 t0 65 degrees from the horizon. They did not change brightness.

The remaining two lights got considerably brighter. About the magnitude of Venus. They remained in their position and did not move. They only got brighter.

Soon one jet, silently flew from the north west towards the two bright lights. Another jet then flew and approached from the east. The jets were traveling at a very fast pace. Within minutes the night sky had about five jet aircraft flying in a grid pattern around the two brightest objects that hovered in the east. This went on for about 20 minutes before one of the bright objects darted off heading south. The remaining light slowly faded.

The triangle formation of lights remained in position for about five additional minutes before scattering in opposite directions. The jet aircraft soon flew off.

Q3: What did you think the object was when you first noticed it?
A3: I thought it I had noticed an odd star formation that I had not noticed before.

Q4: Describe the object and its actions and motions in detail.
A4: See my description above (A2)

Q5: Describe your feelings, reactions and actions, during and after sighting the object.
A5: First confused as to what I was seeing. Then I was amazed.

Q6: How did you lose sight of the object?
A6: See my description above (A2).

Note that my wife and daughter also witnessed the lights. We have never seen anything like this before. I diagrammed / sketched the details as I witnessed them in a PowerPoint.

My background: I have been a C-level executive for several large fortune 500 companies. Im currently the CIO & COO for a software development firm that I helped form. I only drink occasionally, don't do drugs, have never been arrested. I never have seen ghosts, big foot or the lockness monster.

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