Massive UFO cuts lights and electronics in New York neighborhood

By Ted Bonnitt on April 7th, 2014
Massive UFO cuts lights and electronics in New York neighborhood
Large, triangle UFO photographed in Belgium. File photo.
Large, triangle UFO photographed in Belgium. File photo.

A family in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York reported observing a large, triangle UFO that affected their electronic devices and home electrical power.

The reporting witness told the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) that he and his father were outside their Auburn, New York, home at 10 PM on April 1, 2014, when the 15 minute-long incident occurred.

The unidentified father and son were stargazing with an astronomy app on the son's new tablet, holding the device over their heads and toward the sky when the near fully charged tablet suddenly shut down.

When they could not restart the tablet, the two decided to use the same app that they had installed onto their smartphones. Both of their phones were also powered down, and unresponsive.

Thinking nothing of it, they began to stargaze unaided by electronics. That was when the reporting witness' mother stepped out of their house to tell them that the house lights were "flashing on and off rapidly."

They noticed that the lights were also flashing rapidly on and off in the houses next door to their home.

"My God, look at that."

The father, a retired law enforcement officer, began to assess the situation, and said, "My God. Look at that."

His wife and son looked to the direction he was watching and the three saw a triangle shaped UFO, "That kind of appeared out of nowhere," according the son.

The "massive" craft was flying "from horizon to horizon" according to the witness, estimating that it was only 500-600 feet above the ground.

As the huge UFO flew overhead, the lights in the nearby homes flickered on and off more rapidly until finally turning off completely and leaving their neighborhood block, "Almost pitch black."

"The triangle (UFO) separated perfectly in half."

The witness reported that as the craft flew by them, it gained altitude and came to a complete stop in the sky before splitting into two equal halves.

The two objects hovered silently in place for "two or three minutes" and then suddenly flew away in opposite directions, "at an incredible rate of speed."

The family is at a loss to explain what they saw, with the son calling the experience, "The longest 15 minutes of my life."

Original (unedited) witness report:

My father who is retired law enforcement and myself were in our back yard trying out the star map on my new tablet at 10:00pm. I was holding my tablet above our heads and looking at the shapes on the constellations, when all of a sudden my tablet which was at 90% charge shut down, and we were unable to get it back on. 

We then decided to grab our phones from our pockets to download the same application and continue were we left off, but our cell phones were both off and unable to turn on as well. 

So we just started looking at rhe sky thinking nothing of it when my mother opens the back door and says to my father the lights in the house are flashing on and off rapidly. We then notice both house's next to ours are doing the same. 

So my father being retired law enforcement starts to access the situation when he says to my god, look at that. Me and my mother of course look and we all see this triangle shaped craft that kind of appeared out of nowhere. 

It was coming from one horizon to the other. When it became closer to us we realized the massive size of this craft and how low to the ground it was. It couldnt have been more then 5 or 600 feet up. 

As it slowly moved over our block the flickering of the lights became more rapid and then as it came overhead the lights were completly out on the entire block, it became almost pich black. ]

As it heads toward the opposite horizon it gained altitude and then completly stopped in the sky. Then the triangle separated perfectly in half. It hovered there for two or three minutes and without making any sound both halves went in opposite directions at an incredible rate of speed. 

Once the craft took off almost instantly the lights in our house along with every house we could see turned on at the same time. 

I have never heard my father say anything about ufo or anuthing close to it. Being a police officer, it could have jeopardized his career and credibility. 

But my parents and i could find no reason ! what could have caused for such strange things in what seemed like the longest 15 minute of my life.

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