Mahwah, NJ, UFO Probed By Montana 'Hunter'

By Jessica Mazzola, Mahwah Patch, Mahwah, NJ on January 31st, 2012
Mahwah, NJ, UFO Probed By Montana 'Hunter'
UFO seen in Mahwah in 2008. Credit www.ufosnw.com
UFO seen in Mahwah in 2008. Credit www.ufosnw.com

A Montana UFO hunter has turned his eye to the sky over Mahwah.

The Mahwah Patch reports that William Puckett has been investigating a “diamond-shaped flickering” in the night sky over Mahwah for about a year, the second time in three years the former government worker's attention has been turned to the township.

A resident of Helena, Puckett is a retired National Weather Service meteorologist and Environmental Protection Agency worker from Washington state. In 2003, he formed the ‘UFO’s Northwest’ investigative team, which investigates reports from civilians who claim to see “unidentified flying objects.”

Last year, Puckett looked into a “a flickering orange light that seemed to be following a typical approach path to Newark airport [from Mahwah].” It did not display the typical characteristics of a meteor, and flickered like a candle before disappearing, according to the resident who reported it to UFO’s Northwest. It was a nighttime report, and only one witness reported seeing anything.

In 2008, Puckett said he investigated a “much more interesting” sighting above the township. Several witnesses reportedly saw multicolored circles that hovered over the township for about two hours. The lights had no detectable sounds associated with them and appeared in several different colors, witnesses said.

“Two hours is a long time,” Puckett said. Though this case may be a bit tougher than most for him to explain, Puckett says he doesn’t consider this his “smoking gun.”

“My personal opinion is that UFO’s that we can’t explain are either something we are seeing from another dimension or a parallel universe, but not necessarily something extra-terrestrial,” he said. “I am still waiting for that one case that gives me the conclusive scientific evidence to answer that question, but I haven’t come across it yet.”

Puckett said he is one of many independent UFO investigators across the country, but because each operates on its own, conclusive data is hard to come by.

“What I do is basically investigate sightings that seem to defy explanation,” he told Patch. “A lot of times, there is meteorological information, a celestial phenomenon, a local space station or military base that can explain what people see. But, other times those things aren’t there.”

Puckett says he looks closely at all of the data he is sent, and can spot the “many fakes that are out there on YouTube and other places.”

“I rarely do field work,” Puckett, who has appeared on two episodes of The History Channel's 'UFO Hunters,' said. “With an Internet connection coupled with my experience, I can explain the causes of many of the reports I get.”

If you have photos or video of a UFO that you’ve seen and want to be explained, you can submit it to Puckett at the UFO Northwest website.

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