Low flying triangle UFOs continue over U.S. skies

By Ted Bonnitt on January 4th, 2013
Low flying triangle UFOs continue over U.S. skies
Witness illustration of large wedge shaped UFO spotted over Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Credit: NUFORC.
Witness illustration of large wedge shaped UFO spotted over Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Credit: NUFORC.

Large, dark colored triangle shaped craft continue to be reported by witnesses nationwide. Eye-witness reports have been filed with two leading UFO organizations, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). The reports share similar description patterns, including low altitude flyovers that are often just over tree top level. Here are a few recent sighting reports: 

Case 45006. A witness in Richmond, Texas, reported to MUFON sighting a "very low" flying black triangle shaped object with a "weird looking" amber light on the front tip of the craft at 9:15 PM on New Year's eve.  The object flew under the cloud cover and directly over the witness, who reported that the craft was silent. 

Case 45002. On January 3, 2013, at 7:45 PM, a witness driving in Webster, Texas, noticed a row of "four very bright lights" just above tree line.  The lights became larger as they moved from the trees and over the road.  The witness reported to MUFON that other cars on the road nearby slowed down as the lights passed overhead.  

As the lights flew to the northwest the witness could see that they were attached to a black triangle shaped object that was the size of a football field. The witness rolled down their window and could not hear any noise from the craft.  

The witness became frightened by what they saw, reporting that he could "feel my pulse beating  in my face." The witness arrived home about three minutes later and rushed inside to grab a video camera. By the time he emerged from his home, the object was gone. The witness got back in their car and drove around looking for the craft for 20 minutes, but did not see the craft again.

 Case 44864. A fast flying, large triangle UFO was spotted by a resident on Imperial Beach, CA, on the evening of December 30, 2012, according to MUFON.  The witness was relaxing in his backyard with a cigar when he noticed the object fly overhead and into clouds to the west.  He described the object as having a faint glow and silent.  The witness reported that he is familiar with various conventional aircraft, which he saw that night as well, and that the sighting left him with a feeling of "light shock."  

Case 44933 Earlier, on the evening of December 10, 2012, an employee of a tattoo shop in Corfu, New York, about 20 miles east of Buffalo, stepped outside for a smoke break and saw a triangle shaped UFO with 4-6 lights. The witness told MUFON that the craft flew directly over their shop, with the sound of  "slight humming/buzzing." The employee ran inside to tell a co-worker who also witnessed the object. The witness said they had a good view of the craft, and that as it flew by, described the craft as having a blurred looking edge on the backside.   

A professional land surveyor and his 9 year old son were with an adult friend on a bicycle ride in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, just after dark on November 30, 2012, when they saw red lights through some nearby oak trees. Seconds later, as they rode their bikes near where the Wright Brothers first flew their aircraft, a "black or charcoal grey craft" triangle shaped UFO emerged from behind the trees

The witness told NURFOC that the object was estimated in size to be 200 feet long from tip to base and 100 feet wide at its base.  It was about 15 feet tall. See above illustration. The craft flew silently about 300 feet from the ground, in a straight line at a speed of about 15-25 mph. 

The reporting witness said that there were rows of red lights lining the bottom of the craft on either side from the tip to the base of the craft.  The lights did not flash as would typically be seen on conventional aircraft.  The red lights pulsated randomly and never fully extinguished or blinked off, but only dimmed. The lights in the front of the craft were the brightest. The craft flew directly over the witnesses, who watched it fly over trees and homes to the north.  They reported hearing a "low, humming rumble noise" from the UFO.

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