Lights over Bloomfield, NJ

By Ted Bonnitt on April 25th, 2012
Lights over Bloomfield, NJ
"Orange orbs" over New Jersery
"Orange orbs" over New Jersery

“Huge, orange glowing orbs” were witnessed and videotaped in the night skies over northern New Jersey on Saturday, April 21.

Maria Paladino-Fitz, vice president of the Suburban Essex Chamber of Commerce, and her husband, Eddie, noticed the strange lights as they returned to their home in Bloomfield at around 10:45p. 

Paladino-Fitz first thought the objects looked like "fire" in the sky.  They assumed that they were airplanes until they saw at least a dozen lights, hovering too low to be aircraft.

She described them to Baristanet.com as “huge, orange discs in the sky… coming three seconds apart, effortlessly floating.”

The objects appeared to stop, and turn eastward toward Newark.  As the lights faded, the witnesses said, “You could just see their silhouettes.”

Paladino-Fitz's husband, Eddie took a video of one of the objects, though it appears as a white light, not an orange orb.

The lights may have been sky lanterns, but they flew very rapidly, which may indicate another explanation.

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