Late night UFO spooks cattle

By Ted Bonnitt on June 6th, 2012
Late night UFO spooks cattle

A witness in Indiana has reported observing an unusually bright light hovering in the sky that appeared for several minutes.

On the way home on June 4, 2012, at about 11:45pm, the witness continued to look for the object as it was obscured by trees, and before he turned down the road toward his farm.

He then saw the same bright light in the northern sky as it streaked across the sky at a very high rate of speed, with a long tail following the light.

The witness arrived home, feeling shaky about what he witnessed, and noticed that the cows on his farm "were going nuts, making noises and slamming into the gate."

The witness said that in all the years of residing at the farm, he had never seen the cows act so alarmed, especially at night.

Three minutes later, he heard emergency vehicle sirens headed in the same direction that the light flew away.

There was no report of cattle mutilations, which have often been associated with UFO sightings near livestock.

No photographs or images were included with the report. MUFON has publicly withheld the name of the witness, and the incident location within the state.

Original witness report:

I was driving to our local gas station and in the south sky i saw an unusually bright light that just stayed in one spot for several minutes. I turned in my vehicle and the light was hidden by trees when I passed the trees it was no longer in the sky. I looked to the right (northern sky) to see if I was okay to turn onto my road and I saw what i'm assuming was the same light, color and size was the same. And it streaked across the sky very fast and had a really long tail behind it and then it vanished. At this point I was in my driveway feeling a little strange, shakey ect. I live on a farm house and when i got out of my vehicle the cows were going nuts, making noises and slamming into the gate. I've lived here for several years and never one time have i seen the cows do that in the day time let alone 11:45 at night. I don't know that it was related but not even 3 minutes after i saw it streak through the sky I heard sirens and saw several emergency response vehicles headed in the direction that the "UFO" was traveling. 

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