LA Conscious Life Expo to cover UFOs

By Ted Bonnitt on January 30th, 2014
LA Conscious Life Expo to cover UFOs

For UFOGrid readers in the Los Angeles area, the Conscious Life Expo being held in February will offer several presentations on the subject of UFO's.

There will be a full panel of experts on hand to discuss the topic of Ancient Aliens, concerning theories and evidence of visitations by extraterrestrials throughout human history.  Panelists include noted investigative journalists Linda Moulton Howe and Nick Redfern.

UFO Political Activist Stephen Bassett will moderate a panel discussion on UFO disclosure which will include Captain Richard Salas (USAF Retired), who witnessed UFOs over nuclear ICBM missile launch sites in Montana. Mr. Bassett organized this year's Citizen's Hearings on Disclosure in Washington, DC, which included testimony from Salas and Linda Moulton Howe, who will also join the panel.

Coast to Coast AM radio host George Noory will host a "Cosmic Science Panel" that explores what is billed as the new science of "light and consciousness." Noory will later host a "Beyond Belief Mixer" where guests will have a chance to discuss UFOs and related subjects with "celebrity guests."  Mr. Noory will also present Stephen Bassett with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his decades of work to promote UFO disclosure.

Many of the UFO panelists will also be making individual presentations on the subject at the Expo.  

UFOGrid will cover the proceedings.

Information on this comprehensive gathering can be found at the 12th Annual Conscious Life Expo website.

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