Kris sketches out his close encounter

By Article Importer on November 16th, 2011
Kris sketches out his close encounter
Sketch of UFO
Sketch of UFO

A lorry driver claims he saw a UFO cruising over Basingstoke -and he insists he hadn't been drinking! 

Kris Reed, 29, from. Richmond Road, said he had just returned home from work at about 11pm, on Saturday, August 4, when he heard a rumbling noise overhead.

He looked up and saw a pear-shaped reddlsh purple orb in the sky, which he said hovered from left to right for about 20 seconds before disappearing.

Mr Reed said: "I opened my balcony door and couldn't believe my eyes. A pear shaped craft was hovering in the sky. 

"I said out loud 'What is that?', then I heard someone in the street outside say the same thing.

"I was scared. I heard a rumbling noise and the craft seemed to cruise from left to right for about 300 yards.

"I felt like it saw me and then, after about 20 seconds, it shrank and eventually disappeared."

But that wasn't the end of it, as Mr Reed explained: "Twenty minutes later, eight to 10 planes flew over in a uniform line."

Mr Reed then sketched what he had seen, so he didn't forget.

"When I told my friends they asked me if I had been drinking, but I was completely sober," be added. "I asked neighbours if they had seen anything but they hadn't."

A spokesman for the Miniistry of Defence said reports of sightings would only be examined if there was evidence of a potential threat.

• Did you see the unidentified craft? Call Ben Ellery on 01256 337410 or e-mail ben.ellery@basingstokegazette.co.uk

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