Kentucky family worried about repeated UFO sightings over home

By Ted Bonnitt on February 26th, 2013
Kentucky family worried about repeated UFO sightings over home
Family reports repeated UFO sightings and military interceptors over Falmouth, Kentucky.
Family reports repeated UFO sightings and military interceptors over Falmouth, Kentucky.

A family in Falmouth, Kentucky, is concerned for their safety as UFO sightings near their home are reportedly becoming closer and more frequent.

The unnamed family told the Mutual UFO Network that the strange lights have approached their home in the early morning hours on three occasions, on February 16, 20 and most recently on the night of the February 24, 2013.

The first two sightings were of a same looking, single object traveling slowly from the east to west. Two objects were observed on the third night. The witness reports that the objects first appear as a bright star until they begin to move, when "they have multi-colored lights red, blue, green,and white/yellow that blink randomly."

On the third night that they were observed, the witness reported seeing a disc shape when the lights appeared to "tip on (their) side revealing a round, disc shape bottom with a ring of green lights rotating around object."

The objects' movements ranged from hovering in a still position to moving slowly in a linear path with a slight side-to-side "wobble" or possible small circling motion, and moving "up and down in elevation."

The witness became concerned for his family's safety on the night of February 24, when the objects flew closer to their home.  His wife was standing on the front yard of their home observing the UFOs when a "military type jet" flew at the objects. The UFOs disappeared momentarily and then appeared again behind their home "too quickly for normal aircraft."

The witness reported observing the mysterious craft through a rifle scope and binoculars, and has been unable to take a video of the object because their camcorder is broken.

Original (unedited) witness report:

February 25, 2013, Falmouth, Pendleton County, KY - MUFON Case 45892.

watched two objects come from the east slowly travelling west and southwest at approximately 11:00 pm 2/24/13 through 2:30 am on 2/25/13.Same objects as I have reported on 2/16/13,2/20/13,and 2/24/13 in the am hours.

They appear as bright stars until you see them move,they have multi-colored lights red,blue,green,and white/yellow that blink randomly and last night I noticed they tip on side revealing a round,disc shape bottome with a ring of green lights rotating around object.

Movements are from a hovering standstill,to slow linear path,to wobbling side to side (possibly small circles),up and down in elevation,usually from east to west southwest or once northwest.

When very close to directly in front of my home last night,my wife standing in front yard observed a military type jet fly at these objects and I heard it pass over our home,the objects disappeared momentarily and reappeared on the west side or behind our house too quickly for normal aircraft.

I contacted district Mufon person to ask for investigators as i am becoming concerned for my familys well being as sightings are more frequent and closer.

We are observing objects through 8x rifle scope and binoculars,our camcorder is currently broken and 3x zoom camera is useless in taking a good picture.Trying to fix or replace our camcorder and hope to get it on tape as evidence.

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