International UFO Congress to convene in Arizona

By Ted Bonnitt on January 26th, 2014
International UFO Congress to convene in Arizona

The 23rd Annual International UFO Congress and film festival gets underway in February with a full line-up of speakers on tap, including presentations on Crop Circles, Indigenous cultures and UFOs, secret UFO vaults at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the interdimensional possibilities of Bigfoot.

The gathering, presented by OpenMinds.tv, is billed as the largest UFO conference in the United States and takes place in Phoenix, Arizona, from February 12-16.

Author Timothy Good will speak about his latest book, EARTH: An Alien Enterprise, that focuses on little known contacts with extraterrestrials and their alleged top-secret collaboration with elements of the U.S. Government, including reverse engineering advanced extraterrestrial spacecraft. Mr. Good will also discuss what he describes as various secret interactions between governments on Earth and aliens.

George Noory, Host of radio's Coast to Coast program will make an appearance, and Stephen Bassett will speak about the politics of secrecy surrounding the UFO subject.

Other speakers include John Alexander, Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan and noted investigative journalist Don Schmitt, who will discuss the history of Wright Patterson Air Force Base, a top secret military installation in Dayton, Ohio, long suspected of being a repository for recovered UFO evidence. 

Veteran MUFON investigator, David Marler, will speak about his recent book, Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation.

UFOGrid will cover the proceedings.

More information can be found at the 2014 International UFO Congress website.

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