Hundreds of UFO sightings reported in May

By Ted Bonnitt on June 1st, 2012
Hundreds of UFO sightings reported in May

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has released statistics on reported UFO sightings for May, 2012

California led with 71reported sightings for the month, followed by Texas with 36 cases, Missouri with 31, Arizona with 25 and New York with 25 reported sightings.

Nationwide, the most common sightings were of spheres, with 195 reported. 128 circle shaped objects were reported, 78 triangles, 70 fireballs, 46 disc shapes, 8 chevrons and 19 boomerangs, among others.

Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Oregon, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana and Washington each had at least 13 reports of UFOs in May.

There were 17 reports of "landings, hovering and take-offs.  No sightings of entities were reported.

60 cases involved sightings of objects less then 100 feet from the witness.

Many of the reports have not been investigated or confirmed by MUFON, the nation's largest grassroots UFO organization.

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