Hundreds of light orbs reported over Arizona

By Ted Bonnitt on March 11th, 2014

Light orbs are a common type of UFO sighting. They are seen primarily at night, likely because they are far more visible in a dark sky than in broad daylight, though the phenomenon is seen by witnesses at all hours of the day. 

Light orbs are reportedly sen in a variety of colors, most commonly as white, orange, red and gold.  They are often repeatedly spotted over the same areas. 

They appear to be under intelligent control and have been photographed being pursued by military helicopters over crop circles in the UK. One particular hill in the Wiltshire region of England, in the heart of crop circle country, is called "Golden Ball Hill" for the many orb sightings spotted there, including by this reporter.

Many orb sightings are discounted as sky lanterns, floating bags illuminated and heated by candles. While they are a commonly mistaken for light orbs, many sighting are clearly of a deeper nature.

Such reports if bolstered by witnesses who have extensive aviation backgrounds or are trained observers, like law enforcement officers.  Commercial pilots of police officials are also more credible witnesses, since that have much to lose kong their peers for discussing such odd experiences.

Recent orb sighting reports in Arizona by a well experienced commercial airline pilot and a retired police officer are good examples of compelling orb sightings.

At 7:15 PM on February 18, 2014, a pilot with over 40 years of flying experience, including just about every modern passenger jetliners, helicopters and hot air balloons, submitted a highly detailed sighting report to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) about 3 orange orbs at dusk during an evening walk near his home west of Tuscon, AZ.

He has seen the objects a least a half a dozen times before in the area, and speculates sights wold be more common if he lived in the area full time, and not just during the winter. The pilot had his camera ready because he feels that the orbs "appear to be occurring more and more frequently, during the three years I have been wintering over here."

The witness attempted to talk photographs of the orbs, but they were too distant from the camera and it was just too dark for the caner's sensor. The witness described what he saw.

"The 3 orange orbs first appeared by blinking on; first just one, then two, and then three, total. All 3 briefly became visible at the same time. First one would blink on, then another, and so on, then one would blink off then back on in random sequence , etc. All three were totally silent, and left no visible smoke, plasma trail or contrail , etc."

When they were visible, the orbs "appeared to have a very low ground speed, however, with no range or size information, I could not determine their exact speed, altitude or location," he added.

The sky in the area is populated with both general and military aviation. Two A-10 "Warthog" aircraft flew nearby and climbing out of sight when the orbs appeared behind them.

Soon after, the orbs "blinked out" and the witness saw a small, single engine aircraft flew through the vicinity, and the witness suspects that the orbs vanished when the small aircraft flew by. The witness watched for another 15 minutes and the orbs did not reappear.

The witness, who has personally watched night launches of many rockets including Space Shuttles and Saturn V Apollo moon rockets is certain about what the orbs were not.

"These internally lit, orange orbs were not parachute flares, balloons, helicopters, fixed wing jets or reciprocating G/A aircraft. They were also not candle powered toy hot air balloons, which my neighbors launch in the evening, from time to time. Also they are not the Moon or Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Sirius etc. (wrong color, wrong location) I can reasonably eliminate all the objects, planets, aircraft and vehicles that I have listed in this report, but I cannot identify what these orbs are."

The witness, who asked that his name not be published due to the sensitivity of his profession, was willing to be interviewed by an NUFORC investigator.

Police officer sees "150 lights"

About five months earlier, in Glendale AZ, a retired state police officer with 35 years of service, noticed "bright, orange lights" outside his kitchen window at 7:15 PM on September 29, 2013.

The lights were unusual looking enough to prompt the witness to step outside to get a better look.  The lights appeared to be approaching from the Lake Pleasant area, about 15-20 miles from his home. The retired officer went back inside to get a camera and them walked our to a nearby golf course to get a better vantage point.

The witness video taped the objects for "probably over 5 minutes" because "they just kept coming."  He estimated that as many 150 of the orbs were in the air, all flying at a constant, estimated speed of 150-200 mph.

"There would be 5-7 of them traveling together and others following behind in a line. They maintained a constant orange glow with no flickering. I observed no other lights on them, just the orange glow," the witness reported.

The witness felt certain that  the objects were not Chinese lanterns, due to their high speed, and not military flares because the lights were not falling to earth.

He added that as some of the leading orbs would disappear, "others would appear from the lake area."

The witness reported that the video they shot showed nothing on screen. NUFORC's Peter Davenport conducted a follow-up interview with the witness and "found him to be exceptionally objective and sober-minded, in describing his sighting. We suspect that he is an exceptionally reliable and capable witness."


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