Huge triangle crafts spotted in western U.S.

By Ted Bonnitt on August 9th, 2012
Huge triangle crafts spotted in western U.S.
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Very large, triangle shaped UFOs were observed about 45 minutes apart in Arizona and San Francisco on the evening of August 7, 2012, according to reports filed with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network.)

Both sightings reported the objects as "huge" and 'massive", black in color and with lights on each of the three corners.  

The first sighting occurred at about 8p MT over Surprise, Az, and lasted 10 minutes.  The object blocked out the stars as it moved steadily southwest until it flew over the White Tank Mountains. The witness was unable to capture an image with their cell phone when they first noticed the object on the way back from a shopping trip.  When the witness arrived home, they went inside to retrieve a better camera.  The object was gone when they returned outside.

About 45 minutes later, at 9:15p PT, on Stanyon Street in San Francisco, two witnesses driving in a car noticed a, "perfect triangle hovering over Golden Gate Park" several miles away.

The witnesses were not sure if the object was over Golden Gate Park or further beyond.  They reported that the "perfect white" lights on the craft did not blink or pulsate.  The object appeared to be clearly inside the atmosphere and not stars.

They stopped their car to grab a professional video camera in the trunk of their vehicle, but not before they observed the object, "fly off at light breaking speeds."

They estimated their sighting of the "absolutely huge ufo" lasted 5-10 minutes. 

Enormous flying triangles are commonly sighted worldwide.  In the mid-1990's triangle shaped craft were spotted up and down the west coast of the United States, sometimes in sequences spanning from Washington State to Arizona.

Original witness reports:

San Francisco Sighting Report

Driving in the car on Stanyon street san francisco around 9 pm when my friend points out a perfect triangle hovering over golden gate park. we were miles away. It might of even been on the complete other side of the park over the water. But it was huge, and in the most perfect triangle. It then moved slightly to left at a decent pace and stopped again. A few minutes later while going past stanyon and waller st, it quick blurs and is gone. I go home to see if anyone else saw it and found 2 others had posted on youtube about this ufo. I could not see a structure, but the lights were moving perfect together, even when it tilled a little, so one would assume there was a solid object with 3 points of light on the corners. Seems on ufo stalker, it was reported that this same object was seen over arizona earlier around 8:00 - 8:30 pm. Could not of been a plane or flares. The lights did not pulsate, they where a perfect white with no flicker., and the object is bigger then any known military plane by miles. Absolutely huge ufo. Could not be stars, was clearly in the earths atmosphere. I could clearly see it fly off at light breaking speeds. If i had blinked i would have missed it leave. I had professional video camera with me but by the time we stopped the car to get it from the trunk a few blocks later, it was gone. Could not have been there for more then 5-10 minutes.

Arizona Sighting Report

An extremely large black/dark triangle object with a light at each corner moved slowly over Surprise, AZ in a SW direction disapearing over the white tank mountains over a period of about 10 minutes. was driving home from the grocery store at the time. even pulled over trying to get a good picture but it just wouldnt show up on the phone camera. Stars were blocked and not visable whithin the triange area but could be seen everywhere else in the sky. the thing was massive. followed it until i got home (it was right at the white tank mountains at that time) & ran to get a good camera. by the time i got back outside it was gone. the entire time that i did see it, it was moving in a straight path slowly in a SW direction.

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