Fireball descends with objects in Mesa, AZ

By Ted Bonnitt on September 24th, 2012
Fireball descends with objects in Mesa, AZ
Southbound on Greenfield Road in Mesa, where fireball was spotted.
Southbound on Greenfield Road in Mesa, where fireball was spotted.

One or more witnesses observed what they described as a descending fire ball surrounded by other glowing objects that suddenly appeared, while driving near Mesa, AZ, on the evening of September 22, 2012.

The reporting witness told MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) that the quickly descending fireball first appeared to be a possible aircraft on fire.  The fireball had a tail and appeared to be throwing off debris as it fell.  As it descended, the witness noticed the sudden appearance of "other bright objects" surrounding it.   

The flame of the object continued to diminish and reappear.  When the flames vanished, the witness could see red lights.

When the descending object "lit up" in flames again, pieces were seen dropping off the object, burning off and disappearing with a smoke trail.

Again, the main object flared in flame like fashion, and the witness saw that it was suddenly surrounded by 3 or 4 "bright, glowing objects out of nowhere," and noting that he had "never seen anything like it."

The witness called the police to report the 7:40 PM sighting, and a patrol car responded to the scene.

Original (unedited) witness report:

September 22, 2012, Mesa, AZ - Looked like burning aircraft descending and losing parts that trickled down then suddenly, other bright objects surrounded it - objects disappeared , flames/pieces from original object dissipated/disappeared. MUFON Case 42756.

While driving South on Greenfield Rd. (Mesa, Az) at aprox. 7:40 p.m. I observed what looked like a possible aircraft on fire and quickly descending. A fireball with a tail as it was going down. The fire diminished on and off and when the object was not appearing to be burning and glowing, there were visible red lights. 

When the object lit up again - it was still descending - three pieces separated - seemed to burst off the object- the pieces dropped slowly, as these pieces were dropping you could see them burn out and disappear with a bit of visible smoke left in their trail. 

The main objects flame went out again, then lit up again - as it lit up this time, suddenly it was surrounded with 3-4 bright, glowing objects - that appeared out of nowhere = Ive never seen anything like it. 

The objects vanished, at this point the original object , too, vanished. We pulled over to phone the police to report a possible plane crash and as we parked and looked again there were then three bright glowing objects hovering then they were just gone. Just disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

I phoned the police and tried to stress how strange and weird the event was. Also, I stressed that it was to the south and a bit west of my location - unable to gauge distance - 

The gal I was speaking to said an officer would be out. I awaited an officer to come take my report. I saw an officer drive by a couple of times but he never stopped to speak with me. The officer then parked across the road from where I was waiting and spoke with a young man. He never approached me so we left. This young man could possibly be a fifth witness - perhaps he phoned in the event as well?

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