Fast flying triangle jumps across Ohio sky

By Ted Bonnitt on October 27th, 2012
Fast flying triangle jumps across Ohio sky
Olmsted Falls is a western suburb of Cleveland, OH.
Olmsted Falls is a western suburb of Cleveland, OH.

Reported sightings of triangle shaped UFOs continue to drift northward through the U.S. midwest.

The latest report comes from Olmsted Falls, Ohio, where a witness told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) they observed a fast moving array of lights vanish and reappear as it flew across the night sky on October 10, 2012.

The unnamed witness spotted the object overhead at an altitude "slightly higher than commercial jets" under clear skies at around 10 pm. He described a triangle shaped object with a single "very bright" solid light at the front point and 3-4 lights along the back edge of the object that blinked in a consistent left to right sequential pattern.

The witness said that he could see no solid surface between the lights and that they appeared to be flying faster than a jet or satellite.

The lights flew in a consistent northwest direction "but in an instant the whole craft/object would go completely invisible" for about two seconds.  When the lights reappeared, they would suddenly be flying about "30 degrees" from the path it was flying before they vanished, according to the witness "like a big jerk or bump action" had knocked it off its flight path.  

When the lights briefly disappeared, the witness said "it just like it turned off all its lights completely, gone, blackness nothing."

Each time the lights would "pop" back on, the object was at an "approx. 30- 35 degree abrupt angle off the former path" and had also traveled a good distance while invisible.

As the object flew directly over the witness' head, it was clear to him that there was no visible structure between the leading solid light and the blinking row of lights at the rear of the configuration.  As it flew over and out of sight into the northwest horizon, the witness could continue to see the leading light as well as the rear facing row of lights.

The witness did not report how long he observed the lights, but if it was moving "faster than a jet or satellite" the sighting may have lasted for two minutes or less, depending in the his viewing position.

Original (unedited) witness report:

October 10, 2012, Olmsted Falls, OH - Triangular saped object. Case Number 43538.

Object in sky almost straight overhead , clear nite approx 10pm. Slightly Higher than commercial jets fly. Very very fast moving from the north east. Description: Triangular shape object with 1 very bright light at the front traingular and 3 to 4 individual lights across the back edge of the trainglur shape. There was no solid body to detect. The 3-4 lights on the back edge would individually blink off and on in a sequence one at a time across the back edge like a pattern of 1234 repeat 1234 over and over again. Front light always on never blinking.
The object did some unusual flying patterns across the deep sky and was faster in speed than a satelite or a commercial jet. Let me describe. I am looking up about 65 degree see a lighted object shaped like a triangle with blinking lights on the back edge, now it seems to have a somewhat projected path and was kinda on a straight path, but in an instant the whole craft/object would go completely invisible and about second to 2 seconds of time would pass. All the sudden it pops back into view and at the same time when it is in view again it had jumped off its previous course about 30 degree from the existing path it was on almost like a big jerk or bump action off its existing flight path. It was a very clear dark night. 

The object kept dissapearing then reappearing each time with an approx. 30- 35 degree abrupt angle off the former path it was on. When viewing this action of the object one was able to see the amount of distance it had traveled from the point it disappeared in the sky to the point it appeared again, and I knew that only about a little over a 2 seconds in time had past, and that when the object would appear again it definely had traveled a large distance from between the time it vanishes then reappears, and at times when it was visible it would like jerk off the course it was on then travel that path in a straight line some what for about 2min vanish completely then come back into view about 35 degrees from existing path it was on. 

When object went straight over head and ascended away from view into the west northwest sky I could see with naked eye the large 3-4 lights that would flash off and on in a sequence pattern across the back edge of the traingular object I could very easily see the bright light that never flashed at the front of the triangular object. Note: When it disappeared it was just like it turned off all its lights completely, gone, blackness nothing, then few seconds later all lights and shape of object traveling very fast came back into view in a slightly different area of the sky slightly off its preexisting path I could detect no color or solid body of the object it was as if it was the same color as the sky backround. but had a triangular outline.I lost sight of object because it was going a far distance out of my view.

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