Family witnesses nine orange orbs fly in pattern in Georgia

By Ted Bonnitt on May 22nd, 2012
Family witnesses nine orange orbs fly in pattern in Georgia
Witness depiction of orange orbs. File image.
Witness depiction of orange orbs. File image.

Five witnesses observed a total of nine orange light orbs fly in a pattern over Grayson, Georgia, on a quiet evening on May, 19, 2012, according to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

The reporting witness stated that she was on the back deck of her home at around 9p, ET, when she noticed a "very deep orange pulsating ball of light" estimated to be at a distance of four miles.

The witness reported that the object moved slowly at first and then shot upward and disappeared in two to three seconds.

She alerted her family, and together (five adults) they saw another similar looking object following the same flight path, from the north and toward the southeast.  After about five seconds, the object also shot upward at a 45 degree angle and was out of sight within 2-3 seconds.

The family reported observing a total of nine objects, each estimated to be the size of a football field.

No sounds was heard from the "bright, pulsating lights."

The witness' husband claimed he could see that each object was surrounded by three, tiered lights.

After the sightings, the family could see regular air traffic in the area.

The experience left the family feeling excited and awed, but not fearful.

The witnesses reported seeing the orbs about 90 minutes after an orange orb was reported about 1000 miles to the north over Ottawa, Canada.

Original witness report:

I walked outside my house on back deck around 2100 on May 19, 2012. I looked up toward tree tops and noticed a very large deep orange pulsating ball of light that appeared to be moving slowly at first, then shoot upward and disappear in 2-3 seconds. My view of the object was never obscured. As I excitedly called out to my family to come see, another approached in the exact same path coming from the north toward southeast. The view was from approx. 4 miles away to over my area in 5 seconds to shoot upward in a 45 degree angle completely out of sight in 2-3 seconds. A total of 9 objects about the size of a football field were observed by 5 adults in my household. No sound, no emissions, just very bright pulsating lights. My husband said he could see that each object had 3-tiered lights that surrounded each. The night was quiet, no dogs barking, no other planes or helicopters were seen during sightings. After the last one was gone, regular airplane traffic was seen in the far distance. Everyone in my house was excited, in awe, not afraid, just curious as to what we had just witnessed.

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