Couple's car rammed by UFO

By Ted Bonnitt on August 24th, 2012
Couple's car rammed by UFO
Danbury, CT, where couple's vehicle was reportedly hit by a UFO. Photo credit: Google
Danbury, CT, where couple's vehicle was reportedly hit by a UFO. Photo credit: Google

A Danbury, Connecticut, couple returning from a dinner date on August 10, 2012, reported a bizarre encounter with a flying object that hit and damaged their car, according to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network.)

The unidentified witnesses reported that a black, cubic shaped object about two feet long on each side "materialized" along the side of the road as they approached at 11:15p.  One of the witnesses saw four metallic legs underneath the object.

The driver tried to avoid the object, but as they drove by, it lifted upward and rammed the right fender of their vehicle, knocking off one of their fog lamps, and folding the fender under the car's wheel well.

The couple said they heard a loud, "jet engine sound" from the location of the object, as it "pushed laterally" against their vehicle, which began vibrating roughly.

Approaching their home, the noise and the force against their car stopped, and they coasted into their driveway.  They noticed extensive damage to their car.

The couple got into another vehicle and drove back to the scene of the incident and found no evidence of an impact.

The next day, another inspection by the couple at the scene if the encounter revealed four pieces of their car along the road, one of which appeared melted in places.

The Danbury area and the nearby Hudson Valley region of New York has an extensive history of UFO sightings.

Original witness report:

My girlfriend and I were returning from Olive Garden in my car (2004 Sonata). About 0.1 mile from home we descended a large hill. As we passed the last house on the road an object materialized at the side (passenger side of car) of the road. 

We spotted it simultaneously, but did not know what it was. It was black,cubic, and about 2 feet on each side. Stacy said see could see 4 metallic legs under it. I thought I could see heat radiation coming off its surface. I tried to avoid it but it lifted up and rammed my right front fender hard as I passed, knocking off my fog light and folding the fender under the wheel well. The object had a metallic feel to it when it hit my car. 

Stacy rolled down her window because she said she "heard something weird". The car began vibrating roughly (I had kept going - I was frightened), as if it would stall. We both heard loud jet engine-like noises coming from the right side of the car. I told her to roll up the window and that I would try to get us home. The object was pushing laterally on my car.

Suddenly the noises and force pushing against the car stopped. I coasted into my driveway. We got out and examined the car. The right side front fender shroud had been split. Plastic parts littered my driveway, including the foglight. We discussed what had happened and decided to go back to the impact site.

We got in another vehicle, my truck, and went to where we saw the object, not more than 10 minutes later. Nothing was there. No debris was there either. Neither of us spoke about the objects appearance till this morning, I.E, the cubic shape. We were both sort of embarrassed to admit to each other the weirdness of what we actually saw, but we agree about the basics.

I didn't see the legs and she didn't see the heat signature. We both saw the shape and color, however. 

We walked up the hill today, along the road and found 4 more plastic pieces of my car. One has obvious melted areas as if heated.

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