Cigar shaped UFO spotted over Buffalo, NY

By Ted Bonnitt on May 21st, 2012
Cigar shaped UFO spotted over Buffalo, NY
Cigar shaped UFO. File Image.
Cigar shaped UFO. File Image.

A group of witnesses, having a smoke outside of a tavern in New York, reported seeing a glowing red, cigar shaped UFO darting in the sky on the night of May 19, 2012.

One witness reported the sighting to MUFON, (Mutual UFO Network), adding that the experience left them spooked.

Although MUFON only released the location of the sighting as an urban area of New York state, the witness reported that the object was sighted outside of the "Cherry Bar" on Cherry street, which is located in Buffalo.

The witness reported that the "perfectly outlined cigar" shaped craft was hovering and blinking, and then moved downward, vanished and then reappeared in a different part of the sky.  The object then hovered again before accelerating out of view.

The witnesses tried unsuccessfully to take images of the craft with their cellphones.

The witness said, "It was crazy, we were all spooked."

Original witness report:

We were all out in front of the cherry bar on cherry smoking and we saw this red shiny glowing but perfectly outlined cigar shaped thing in the sky not moving but blinking and not doing anything then it darted to one side then moved what looked like downward then darted to another direction then it totally vanished like the red was all gone and we all stood there looking and it reappeared in a different part of the sky further down the street then just took off right and then stopped and hovered then took off right again until we wouldn't see it anymore because of the buildings and trees and stuff we all tried to get it on our cell phones and even people that were walking a dog stopped and watched it with us for a while and pointed at it and talked about it in spanish and tried to take pics and vids of it too but because of the street lights and stuff no one could get a good shot of it because of the lights and distance it was crazy we were all spooked

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