"Cigar" shaped UFO spotted over Bloomington, IL

By Ted Bonnitt on September 18th, 2012
"Cigar" shaped UFO spotted over Bloomington, IL
Route 150 in Bloomington, near water tower. This is the view from where the witness observed the UFO. Credit: Google.
Route 150 in Bloomington, near water tower. This is the view from where the witness observed the UFO. Credit: Google.

A woman on a country drive with her husband witnessed a UFO on Sunday, September 18, 2012 in Bloomington, Illinois. The weather was fair, with a "beautiful, clear blue sky."

The witness and her husband live adjacent to the Bloomington Normal Airport and they are very familiar with the look of aircraft.  When she happened to spot the object in the sky, the unidentified witness immediately knew that it was no ordinary aircraft.

According to a report filed with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), the woman described the flying object as, "skinny, oblong and reflective."  No wings were evident.   As she looked closely for the craft's wings, she noticed that the top of craft was a, "brilliant reflective silver and the bottom from the middle of the craft to the front of the craft is black." It appeared to the witness as two "entirely different materials."

She described the area of the craft where the two "metals" met In the middle, "small rectangular like black squares (not windows) horizontally in a line."  

The object, according to the witness was stationary in the sky.

At first, the witness did not consider the object to be a UFO, and initially thought that she could not see the craft's wings because of the angle of her view.  But, the more she looked at it, the more curious it appeared to her.

While she observed the object, her husband was at the wheel, speaking to her as they drove at about 40 mph.  She turned briefly to speak with her husband, and when she looked back at the "big" craft, it had vanished.  The witness reported the object was, "completely gone. No vapor trail, no.....nothing."

At that point, the witness began to consider that what she saw might have been a UFO.  She heard her freshly charged cell phone beep twice, and checked it for messages. The phone was completely "dead."    When she got home, it took a while for her charger to revive the phone.  The witness claimed that her charged phone had never before been drained of power so suddenly.

The witness decided not to discuss what she saw with her husband, concerned that he'd think she was "losing it."  She reported her sighting to MUFON, because she felt the need to "tell someone."

Original (unedited) witness report:

First I want to say I am an open skeptic on the subject of UFOs and have never filled one of these things out, so bear with me. Another point I want to make is, for the last 36 years I have lived with the Bloomington Normal Airport in my backyard. Literally. I am VERY familiar with all the flight times and types of aircraft using our airport. So that being said, I know what the AA, Frontier jets look like including Military, private lear jets and helis as well.

Every Saturday and Sunday Morning for the last almost 30 years my husband and I will go for a country drive. This morning was no different. It was beautiful clear blue sky with just a few wispy white clouds out far on the horizon. You know, the long thin like clouds that you can see through. No clouds overhead. 

We were on our way back home driving West on rt 150. We had just left the Freedom gas station on the corner of Towanda/Barnes Rd and 150. I glance at the time on the car clock, its 10:38 am. I have a breakfast casserole to put in the oven when we get home and I was trying to figure when I would have it done. We were maybe a quarter to half mile down the road from the Freedom station. Driving about 40mph. 

The terrain in my opinion are soft gradual hills. State Farm South could easily be seen along with water tower and such out my passenger window. My husband was driving and we were having a discussion about the upcoming presidential election when for some reason I happened to look away from him and out of my passenger window and up just a bit. Just above the horizon and power lines was what I thought was a plane. It was between State Farm South and 150. Which at this particular area is not uncommon, were close to the airport and at this spot is where the planes bank their turns to make their descent to the runway. 

My husband is still talking but I am transfixed to this "plane". At this point ufo is not even in my thought process. I am just trying to figure out why I cant see the wing and what type of new plane it is, it was so skinny, oblong and reflective. 

Then I determine that we are almost parallel and I must not be able to see the wing because its just blending with side of the body of the plane, since we were both but not quite level with one another. Then I notice that the top extending back is a brilliant reflective silver and the bottom from the middle of the craft to the front of the craft is black. Like two entirely different materials. In the middle where the two metals meet but more on the silver side is small rectangular like black squares (not windows) horizontally in a line. I notice these because Im intent on looking for a wing. 

Then I also notice its not making any progress. Its still. just. sitting. Its not banking or turning, not descending, and we are starting to kind of pull ahead of it, which I thought was strange. At this point is where I start to question, what am I seeing. Just then my husband states "arent you listening to me?" I turned my head long enough to say, "of course Im listening" and immediately I look back out my window. GONE. 

I had only looked away mere seconds and it was gone. Completely gone. No vapor trail, no.....nothing. I looked up through our sun roof, took off my seatbelt and turned to look out the back windows, rear windows. Its no where. It just disappeared. At that moment I thought to myself, did I just see a ufo and then I heard my phone beep twice. I keep it in the armrest of the passenger door of the car. Thinking that one of my children texted me, I picked up my phone to find out it was completely dead. I charge my phone while Im sleeping and last night was no different. I unplugged it from the charger just before my husband and I walked out of the house and at this point had only been on for about an hour or so. It was so dead that that I couldnt even get it to come on for brief second. When I got it home and plugged it into the charger it was so dead that I couldnt get it to come on right away. 

I never said anything to my husband, I didnt want him to think I was losing it. Honestly, I dont know what I saw, but it was big and then it was gone and then my phone did something its never done before. I could draw a picture of it but Im not too savvy with the computer and I dont know how to add it. I just had to tell someone.

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