Black sphere reported over San Diego airport

By Ted Bonnitt on September 25th, 2012
Black sphere reported over San Diego airport
Black "sphere" was reported over San Diego Airport.
Black "sphere" was reported over San Diego Airport.

A "back sphere" flying over San Diego airport was reported on Saturday, September 22, 2012.

The unidentified witness was in nearby Mission Hills, CA, and stated that he observed the object at around 4:45 PM for about a minute.  The flying object was "not fast" as it headed toward the airport, and "against the wind," according to a report filed with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network.) 

The witness described the black object as "larger than a weather balloon but smaller than a commercial jet."  The object appeared to be in a state of "rhythmic change from solid black to something other than black."

The UFO had no visible lights and was silent, according to the report.  It did not appear to shine or reflect like metal, according to the witness who added, "there are no words for it."

The object then drifted out of site.

Original (unedited) witness report:

September 22, 2012, San Diego, CA - Black sphere moving over San Diego Airport. MUFON Case 42758.

On Saturday September 22 at about 4:45pm (give or take 5 minutes), I had a sighting here in San Diego, California. I was viewing this sighting from about 2 miles southeast of the intersection of Interstate freeways 5 and 8 in the community called Mission Hills. 

Most of the sky was covered in tropical clouds; but there was one large section south and southeast of me which was mostly open blue sky (just a few small clouds). This open area would be over the San Diego airport. The clouds were moving southwest to northeast pretty fast. 

I saw one round black object that was moving against the wind from north to south towards the San Diego airport. This black object was not moving fast, but was clearly moving against the wind. 

When I saw this object, it was not directly over me, but already southeast of me. The black object was round or a sphere. I could not tell how big it was; other than it was larger than a weather balloon, but smaller than a commercial jet. It was just below the few clouds that were in the open area. 

These clouds were dipping a little, like it was raining up in the clouds, but the water was not hitting the ground. The black object was traveling below the main part of the small clouds, but through the wispy part of the clouds that were dipping down. 

This object, if it was a balloon or a floating object, would have been traveling with the clouds; but there was no doubt, none, the object was moving north to south against the wind. This object did not look like a disc, but was round or a sphere. I saw it for about one minute.

This object was round and black. The black color did not reflect or shimmer; but maybe it was rotating. I did not see it rotate, but there was a rhythmic change from solid black to something other than black. It would be solid black most of the time, and then a reflective shimmer for a short time. It was not like the reflective shimmer you see when there is an aluminum balloon floating by. 

There are no words for it, but maybe half-way between semi-transparent and the aluminum reflective shimmer of a balloon. I don’t know if that makes sense; but the object was a solid black round object for most of the time, but then for a short few seconds, it would almost become transparent. And then back to black---a very solid black. 

I should have timed the rhythmic change; but I did not think of doing that during the sighting. There were no lights on this object and it did not make any sound. After a minute, it was too far away to see. I did not have a camera with me.

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