Another set of three strange objects reported over Pennsylvania

By Ted Bonnitt on November 20th, 2012
Another set of three strange objects reported over Pennsylvania
The witness provided an illustration of the three lights seen over Baden, PA. Credit: MUFON database.
The witness provided an illustration of the three lights seen over Baden, PA. Credit: MUFON database.

More reports are surfacing of strange, triple light formations in the skies over Pennsylvania.

An enthusiastic eyewitness in western PA reported observing "three bright, glowing, almost fiery trails (tear drop shaped), on the "clear" afternoon of November 15, 2012.

The unnamed witness was stopped at a red light in Baden, about 20 miles northwest of Pittsburgh at 3:30 PM when they noticed three stationary "trails" overhead, according to a report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). At first glance the witness thought they were conventional jet aircraft contrails, but realized that they were not moving.  The witness could also see a conventional jet with a contrail flying at a much higher altitude, which offered a stark difference in appearance to the strange objects.

The witness described seeing small, metallic jet like objects in front of what appeared to be much larger, "teardrop" shaped emission trail behind each of them.

The witness was perplexed by the trails emitting from the objects, explaining, "What is so odd is that even these "vapor trails" never moved…they were simply there" wondering if the smaller leading objects were craft, how "could something so small emit something so large and powerful?"

The "teardrop" shaped emissions shrunk in size as they extended from the leading object in front. The witness described the large side of the trails as "about ten times at least the thickness" of the conventional jet's contrail that was also in view. Even the smallest width of the mysterious trail was "four to five times thicker than the (conventional) jet's emission."

The large teardrop that was closest to the leading object nearly engulfed the object, "almost encompassing or cupping the small, jet-like object," according the witness. The teardrop shaped "emissions" appeared to hover in an "upside down 'V' (shape) so that one was just a little higher than the other two on either side of it," (see witness illustration to get a better understanding).  

The witness watched the strange formation for four minutes and was sure that other people must have seen it "as the highway was busy and it was broad daylight." 

The witness was left in awe of what they observed, describing the sight as "resplendent, awesome objects resting in the sky."

This sighting proceeded other witness reports of three sets of lights or UFOs seen across the state the following day.  

Original (unedited) witness account:

November 15, 2012, 3:30 p.m., Baden, PA - Three jet like objects hovering in an upsidedown V formation emitting bright, fiery teardrop trails. Case 44022.

I was driving down Route 65 in Baden Pa and got stopped at a red light. I always check the skies but have never seen a ufo. Well, when I looked up, and a little bit to my right I saw three bright, glowing almost fiery trails (tear drop shaped) in the sky. At first my mind said "jets" but instantly I thought no way! Luckily, there was a jet about twice the elevation of the three objects also to the right. I could see the jet and its thin vapor trail which was nothing like these three objects. Ive seen many jets and over the last couple days Ive been wondering if maybe these were jets just at closer range. However, these objects, although admitting that awesome bright light, never moved. 

The jet, obviously, was moving, and as I watched these objects fascinated, I could glance over and follow the jets movement which somehow made it more obvious that these objects were entirely stationary. Ive made drawings of these objects - whatever they emitted was so resplendent it was almost inspiring! - and Im no artist but Id be glad to share these drawings so people know what I saw. Also, many people HAD to have seen these things as the highway was busy and it was broad daylight. Hopefully someone has pictures or even videos. If so I hope they come forward because Ive watched many ufo shows and these objects on video would basically shame 90 percent of the things Ive seen on other videos. 

Again they were awesome! Above the highest tear drop shaped emission was what appeared to be just small metallic jet like objects. How I wondered, if these were the craft, could something so small emit something so large and powerful? When compared to the thin vapor of the jet these resplendent almost glowing almost fiery tear drop "vapors" at the top (they got smaller as they trailed down) were about ten times at least the thickness of the jets vapor trail and the smallest at the bottom were still four to five times thicker than the jets emission. What is so odd is that even these "vapor trails" never moved or even appeared that they might didintegrate or anything; they were simply there. I say tear drop, and they were, but they also came up at points and then dipped down so it appeared on the very top one that it was almost encompassing or cupping the jet-like object "inside" of it. There were three of these in an upsideown V so that one was just a little higher than the other two on either side of it. Again, none of any of this moved, appeared as if it might move or anything - just there! It really was awesome - almost inspiring - and Im excited for other people to come forward even if they do not have pictures so they can decribe what they saw! Again broad daylight, heavy traffic, and three resplendent, awesome objects resting in the sky. A clear day, no stars, a few streaming clouds, no wind, just these things. I viewed them for maybe four minutes as I sat at the red light and looked back twice when the light turned green to see the same thing I had as I was stopped. Whatever happened to these objects or where they went or how they got there I dont know but I would LOVE to find out. Really, any information on this would be awesome and, as I said, there HAS to be a fair amount of people that saw these things I just dont know where to start. Id love to get to the bottom of this and find out what these were! As of now I know I saw three bona-fide unidentified flying - or stationary - objects! And they were the most awesome things Ive ever seen. Any information on this (if there is any) Id love to find out about. Whoever was in that jet that day also had to have seen them - they were unmistakable! I believe this is my main objective in relaying this, that other people who had to have seen these will come forward I know there has to be others who saw and if they got pictures or even a video (Ive seen many ufo videos on t.v. and internet) these objects captured on film I believe would really put to shame 90 percent of any ufo video Ive ever seen. . .

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