First music video shot in space is back on YouTube

By Ted Bonnitt on May 13th, 2013
First music video shot in space is back on YouTube
International Space Station Commander becomes internet singing star.
International Space Station Commander becomes internet singing star.

Updated November 4, 2014

The first music video filmed in outer space is back on YouTube.

International Space Station (ISS) Commander Chris Hadfield (Ret.), became an internet sensation last year with the release of his musical video version of David Bowie's classic song, "Space Oddity."

The video was taken down after the one year license expired with David Bowie's music publisher. They recently agreed to a new, two year deal.

Scroll down to see the video.

A fully Canadian production

Hadfield, a Canadian, recorded the vocals and played guitar while in orbit and then sent the recording to earth for mixing with a piano part played by fellow Canadian and Bowie band alumni, Emm Gryner. 

Hadfield and Gryner have a musical relationship dating back to 2004 when they collaborated on "Chistopher" a song Hadfield wrote about his first spacewalk.

The two engaged Canadian music producer Joe Corcoran to mix the song, who added ambient sounds from the ISS. Another Canadian, Andrew Tidby, worked on the video.  

Bowie praised the project on his Facebook page, writing, "It’s possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created."

NASA, always interested in keeping astronauts content during long space missions, supported Hadfield's project, allowing him to take a guitar to space. 

It was not easy to play and sing in zero G.

Hadfield does a great job on the song and video, and redefines cool for the manned space program.

As the first Canadian to spacewalk, he built a solid reputation among followers on Earth both young and old, regularly sending pictures and videos home from space and keeping current with social network feeds. 

The music video, which has been viewed over 12 million times since it was posted was a swan song for the 53 year-old space veteran. Hadfield retired last year in part due to space program budget cuts in Canada.

Retirement from space may have emboldened Hadfield to make the video as he handed over command of the space station, and it was perhaps the coolest farewell ever from space.

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