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China stakes far side of Moon
Soon after landing on the unexplored back side of the Moon, China's rover "Yutu" drove off the lander. Credit: CNSA

China stakes far side of Moon

China achieved a big first in space by successfully soft landing a rover on the far side of the moon, a major the technical feat.

The lander, Chang’e 4 arrived on January 3 and deployed the Yutu rover. It will search for evidence of the moon’s composition on the side that Earth never sees due to the two planets’ orbital dance influenced by tidal flows that slowed the moon’s rotation.

Chang’e 4 landed at the Von Kármán crater, on a smooth volcanic floor located within the great Aitken basin. China’s space agency, CNSA explained the ...

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JFK proposes US-Soviet mission to moon

Just weeks before his assassination, President John F. Kennedy addressed the United Nations with a proposal to cooperate with the Soviet Union to go to the moon. His bold vision came at the height of the superpower cold war and was extremely controversial at the time. Meaningful international cooperation in outer space between the US and Russia would not happen until decades later, with development of the International Space Station.