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UFO secrets to be told in Las Vegas

By Ted Bonnitt on September 22nd, 2012
UFO secrets to be told in Las Vegas
U.S. Air Force B-25 Bomber
U.S. Air Force B-25 Bomber

UFO news is promised this evening in Las Vegas, according to organizers the event, "Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed."

Four retired U.S. military colonels will be joined by a former official of the British Ministry of Defense, where newsworthy disclosures are promised by the event's host, the Smithsonian Institution affiliated, National Atomic Testing Museum.

One of tonight's speakers, Retired Air Force Col. William Coleman, has hinted to the press that he will disclose dramatic, new UFO information. Coleman was a bomber pilot and later, a chief spokesman for Project Blue Book, a 20 year-long, official investigation into UFOs conducted by the U.S. Air Force. 

Coleman and his flight crew had an encounter with a UFO while piloting a B-25 bomber one afternoon in 1955, over Alabama. 

While promoting his "Project UFO" television series than ran for two seasons on NBC in the late 1970s, Coleman told interviewer Merv Griffin on national TV about his UFO experience:

"We were cruising at 10,000 feet when we spotted a target somewhere around 20,000 to 25,000 feet. It was about seven miles in front of us to our right, and we were overtaking it. It then started descending across our flight path, and I decided to check it out. So I advanced power and began closing a little faster and descending. We kept getting closer and closer and pretty soon we were within a mile of the object, flying over trees at 345 MPH."

(The plane closed to within an eighth of a mile of the disc-shaped object.) "It was about 60 feet in diameter and 10 or 11 feet thick through the center," he said. "It had what looked like a titanium-type finish (silver gray). I pulled up and made a hard turn that put it out of sight for roughly four seconds. We whipped back to pull up alongside of it and it wasn’t there. I zoomed up to 1500 feet. `There it is!' I said. It was about 2 miles in front of us going across a field leaving a dusty trail behind it. I guessed its speed at about 170 MPH." After another dive, the crew lost sight of the object. "We never saw it again."

Almost 60 years later, and after a career of studying the UFO phenomenon at some of the government's highest security levels, Coleman wants to say something publicly at tonight's Las Vegas event.

Coleman believes that he's "hit the nail on the head" concerning UFOs.

UFOGrid will follow Coleman's talk this evening.

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