Police officer forced to retire after alleged encounter with "red-eyed beings"

By Ted Bonnitt on May 19th, 2014
Police officer forced to retire after alleged encounter with "red-eyed beings"
Officer Pucheta's service revolver, cell phone and radio were found abandoned where he allegedly encountered the red-eyed beings.
Officer Pucheta's service revolver, cell phone and radio were found abandoned where he allegedly encountered the red-eyed beings.

A police officer in Argentina has been given an early retirement years after his alleged disturbing encounter with "red-eyed beings" that he is reportedly unable to recover from.

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology, citing sources from Planeta UFO and Realidad OVNI, reported this week that the police officer claimed that he was pursued by the strange entities who "gave him commands" during his ordeal. The officer was so traumatized by his encounter that he never was able to return to work, and now faces mandatory retirement eight years later.  

Important details appear to be missing from the story, perhaps due to multiple iterations and translations of the original reports from Argentina. What can be pieced together, follows:

At 9:30 PM on March 2, 2006, Police officer Luis Sergio Pucheta was on motorcycle patrol for cattle rustlers between the towns of General Pico and Quemú Quemú, in central Argentina. 

Pucheta was about 12 miles southeast of Pico near the town of Dorila, on a rough road in an area known as “El cruce de cañas” when he radioed to police headquarters that “something strange was going on," and requested support. Pucheta last reported that he was investigating the situation when radio contact with the officer was lost.

Pucheta vanished for hours. A large scale dragnet was soon underway, with high level officials including area police Commissioner Ricardo Badaux; Minster of Safety, Interior and Justice Dr. Juan Carlos Tierno, and police Inspector Roberto Ayala joining the search.

The 31 year-old Pucheta, father-to-be and well regarded by his superiors, was found hours later by a farmer about 12 miles from where he first reported trouble. He was lying on the side of a road, in the fetal position with his extremities in a rigid position, evidence of severe emotional shock. 

When his police superiors arrived on scene, Inspector Ayala attempted to speak with Pucheta, who was not responsive. Ayala eventually helped Pucheta to relax a bit with breathing exercises, but the officer insisted in concealing his face.

Pucheta told Ayala that he was followed all night by two entities with "red eyes." He described his pursuers, saying, “They looked transparent…and had red eyes…their eyes made my head hurt…they told me what they wanted me to do…they made me make a phone call…they told me they would come for me tonight.”

The officer told investigators that he initially saw something that prompted him to unholster his side arm. He evidently dropped his two way radio and cell phone in the panic of the moment and fled. Pucheta later did not recall dropping his firearm.

Pucheta said that he fled the area because the red-eyed entities were following him.

According to a report prepared by a researcher of the case, Quique Mario, Pucheta eventually stood up and began to weep, never revealing his face to the others. He would not open his eyes.

Pucheta repeated how the creatures had red eyes and that, "They would come for him at night.”

The shocked officer said that his fingers and feet were "burning." The investigating officers saw no physical evidence of damage to the victim's hands but the soles of his feet had blisters consistent with having walked a long distance.

Officer Pucheta was found by a farmer on the side of a road.

An ambulance arrived with a doctor and transported Pucheta to a hospital, who laid face down on the stretcher for the entire ride. He was held 24 hours for observation and no physical injuries were found. Pucheta never returned to work again.

As reported by sources, without any corroborating witnesses accounts or physical evidence to support his claims, the case hinges on the sole testimony of Officer Pucheta. This draws possible explanations including his filing a false report, suffering a psychotic break or possible drug related hallucinations. If Pucheta's account is genuine, the lack of evidence poses an additional emotional burden for the officer, who may have endured skepticism by others about his claims. 

Possible support for his claims comes from other sighting reports of  "red-eyed" beings in the area since the 1990s, with some witnesses comparing them to "two burning coals."

Original translation from spanish: © 2014, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Quique Mario, Julio Gonzalez, and

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